31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 14

#14. The most disgusting food I’ve ever eaten was…

This was kind of a tough question, because I will try just about anything, and I like a large variety of foods.  I couldn’t even think of an example of something that was rotten that I may have accidentally ate.  But if I had to choose, I’d narrow it down to either scallops or Kraft dinner with ketchup.

Now, to some of you, those are normal foods – however, I find them completely disgusting. 

Scallops may have to do with the fact that I may (or may not be) allergic to them (long story short – my allergist told me it’s quite possible I have an intolerance to them, and it may be best to avoid them).  Even if I wasn’t worried that they may be a physical harm to me, I would stay as far away from these buggers as I could.  The smell of them makes me want to throw up – that sickening sweet smell makes my stomach turn.  I tried to eat one once, and the texture was just awful – I can’t even fully describe how it was to me.  It felt like a large, firm, yet slimy, booger of sorts.  It had a sickly sweet taste that just didn’t sit well, and when I tried to eat one for the first (and only) time, I couldn’t swallow it (whether it be from revulsion or possibly an allergy, I don’t care, it was freaking gross).

And to me, Kraft Dinner with Ketchup is just nasty.  I only like Ketchup on a select few items anyways – like french fries, burgers, hot dogs and maybe grilled cheese.  Anything else just really gives me an ick factor.  Mostly because it just feels so wrong, like I’m not giving the food a chance.  Plus I had an ex who put it on EVERYTHING.  Kraft Dinner is pretty gross if you eat too much, so artificial tasting, but I can get by with it on its own.  With Ketchup, it adds this gross sweet flavour to it, and it just doesn’t mix well to me.  Plus I find it gives it this disgusting texture, and very unappealing colour.

So there you have it, my weird choice of foods that I found to be extremely disgusting.  Keep in mind, that I’ve tried a lot of different foods – including eel, kangaroo, escargot, sweet breads, liver, kidneys, emu, quail, quail eggs, steak tartare, fried maggots, roasted ants, chocolate covered grasshoppers, and a bunch of other foods some people may never consider trying.  So yeah – if those more typical food items are the most disgusting things I’ve ever had to eat, then they must really give me the ick factor.

Seriously - how is this appealing? *Gag*


10 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 14

  1. I have never tried scallops but they never really looked all that great to me. Ketchup and me don’t get along ever so I totally get that.

  2. I must admit, I sometime, only sometime like Ketchup on my KD, hahah. It is exactly the flavor you mention, but sometimes it tastes oh so good. I also have a thing for just normal KD, not all the time, but I get cravings for it.

  3. Some things like Chef Boyardee, Kraft Mac & Cheese, some lunch meats, I don’t even allow on the store list let alone in the home. Like you said they taste so artificial compared to the real thing.

    You Cherlyn, should take a trip with Chef Zimmern for his show. You have eaten lots of things he eats on Bizarre Foods. How were the fried maggots?

    I eat seafood as long as they aren’t bottom feeders (waiting for rotten parts and feces from other fish to fall to the bottom), so I can understand how you feel about the taste and texture of scallops. Plus, after SpongeBob and Patrick nurtured one how could you eat one ever again!

    • Lol I’d love to take a trip with Chef Zimmern, that’d be friggen sweet! I haven’t tried fried maggots, but I probably would if I got the chance.

      I have nothing against “bottom feeders”, I mean therer are more of them than you realize (most shellfish are for example). Plus I mean, halibut is fucking amazing, so is flounder, eels, haddock, and some species of catfish. You’re telling me you dont’ eat ANY of those?

      I don’t think you’re using the term bottom feeders correctly, unless you just mean particular bottom feeders. And I mean, the way I look at it, mushrooms are mould, pigs eat anything we give them (so like garbage), all of our meat and poultry (unless you buy only organic, but even then..) are filled with chemicals and medicines. There is dye in chicken feed so the egg yolks come out orange (because chickens are so badly treated the yolks naturally come out grey now – unless it’s organic or free range).

      So, I mean, with how most of our food is filled with garbage, even the stuff that shouldnt be, I’m not as picky anymore.

      • Oh, and I never watched Sponge Bob lol I was too old when it came out, so I never watched it. Though one of my exes dragged me to see the film three times in theatres…

      • I guess I’m just young at heart because I still watch the Sponge. About the eggs, you’re right and I only eat free range chicken and eggs and the five fish we eat are salmon, mahi mahi, tilapia, catfish or flounder but I don’t eat the catfish or flounder but, fried catfish is delicious. I just stopped eating it a few years ago. Have a great week.

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