31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 13

#13. My favourite activity to do alone is…

Teehee, this could be a very dirty question!  Well, only if you have a dirty mind like mine.  And yes, for those who are wondering, I definitely giggled to myself.  I am so mature.

I have a lot of favourite activities to do alone though (all of which are appropriate to discuss, you dirty, dirty minded people), so I had a hard time picking my all time favourite.  I think my favourite is shopping.  I do enjoy shopping with my friends, especially if I need advice, but overall, I love spending the day shopping by myself.  I don’t have to worry about taking up anyone else’s time, and I get to go to the stores that I like. 

Shopping is typically one of my activities when I have a “me” date.  I used to never really go out and do the stuff I wanted to do if no one would come with me.  But then I realized how stupid that is, and that I should be able to enjoy those things by myself.  Typically, on a “me” date, I take myself out for lunch (usually sushi), and read my book or a magazine while I enjoy a quiet, slow-paced lunch.  I often stop for a coffee or a tea, and get it as fancy pants as I want.  When I lived in London I always had my “me” dates downtown in the Market, so I’d always stop off for dessert at this yumtastic creamery that made their own ice cream and frozen yogurt and get a small scoop.  After lunch I go shopping, whether it be for clothes or whatever is in the area.  Sometimes I just go window shopping, and enjoy a nice walk around downtown or wherever I am. 

I love spending some quality time with myself, and definitely spoil myself a little when I can. 



8 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 13

  1. I remember you used to do that at school, and it was always fun when you got back cause you got to present all your great finds. When you go with someone they already know what you bought so you don’t get to do the show and tell. ( I love seeing all the things people find)

    I think it’s great that you take the time to treat yourself, and then you don’t have to feel rushed!

  2. Shopping is just shopping to me but over the years I have heard many complaints that going somewhere (especially shopping) with friends who want to go there, not do this, have time constraints, etc. was no fun. Even everyone going in the same car and not being able to leave and go home when they wanted to was an issue.

    So, enjoy your shopping time and maybe it was a tad dirty of me when I thought up this question but who would really admit it anyway? Who would be that honest?

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