31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 6

#6. Something I want to do in my lifetime but I already know I won’t be able to is…

I suppose the easiest answer would be “see the world”.  There are so many places to see, and so little time or money, or motivation.  It’s funny, because I remember when I was a bit younger I had all these plans to go travelling, a few months here, a few months there – it all seemed so simple.  Of course, this is also when I was in the mindset that I’d be able to find a decent paying job and have absolutely no debt.  Ignorance really is bliss eh?  I’m sure eventually I’ll be able to travel, and see a few destinations on my bucket list, but I highly doubt I”ll ever get the opportunities to see all of them.  I’ve been finding that every year that goes by is going by quicker than the year before, time just keeps on slipping away.  Not to mention there are other important things my money could be going towards, and though traveling is important to me, it’s not a necessity.  Until I start making decent money and am comfortable with my finances, I can’t even plan to travel.  Who knows, I may never be “financially comfortable”, so this may never happen.

Plus, I don’t have my passport yet – not that this is a hard thing to get, but I kind of get spiteful when people keep telling me I “should” get something.  In my mind I almost always say “fuck you, make me”, and then I don’t do it out of spite.  I probably get that from my dad.  So people, if you want me to get my passport (and my driver’s license for that matter), stop telling me to get it.  Yes, I really am that stubborn and childish, be the better person – I know I won’t.

Also, hypothetically speaking, if the world ends in 2012, then I definitely won’t have enough time to see all my desired destinations.  If I’m lucky I may get out to visit BC again, that’s about it.  My bet is, it’ll be a zombie apocalypse in 2012, so I know I’ll just be too darn busy killing zombies to feel like travelling.  Man, doesn’t it suck when you have chores to do when you’d rather be doing something else?  Stupid zombies.


10 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 6

  1. I am so there with the Zombie Apocalypse,funny how often that is the logical ending to so many life situtations.

    I hope you get to travel to some of the places on your list!

  2. I hope you do get to see the world. Until then there is always Google Earth! I’m envious of people who can just pick up and go whenever they want to.

    • Yeah me too, I think if I ever got to travel alot, I think I’d get homesick very fast. Travelling makes me nervous, I’m always afraid of being late or forgetting something. Plus when I travel with people who aren’t as neurotic as me, I can’t stand it, they take too many risks! lol

  3. Love the picture at the end, and your hypothesis of how 2012 will occur! I really want to travel more too! We should explore the world together!!! Maybe it will be like the sims 3 adventures and we can wrestle mummies, haha.

  4. hehe, the zombie-2012 war was really fun. who knows you might become a friend with one of the zombies/ a good one/ and to fly on his back and manage to see the world just before the end 🙂

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