Poetry Thursday #52

♫♪♫ Let’s all read some poetry, let’s all read some poetry, let’s all read some poetry and leave a comment (please?)!♪♫♪

Yes, for those of you who were wondering, I did get photoshop (THANKS RYAN! :D), and I’ve been having a little bit too much fun with it. 

So I thought it’d be nice to not skip my Poetry Thursdays since I’ve been doing very well since my lull in March.  Plus, I figured you guys might get tired of all the honesty, so yay, Intermission time! 

I’ve got two poems (yes, you read that right – TWO) this week, which hasn’t happened in a long time.  Excited?  I know I am.  That could’ve been all the coffee and sugar I’ve had earlier, or the fact that the sun is out for the first time in what feels like weeks.  Oh well, deal with my positive mood, and like it gosh darnit!

And now for some poems that really don’t reflect my good mood at all.  Enjoy!

My Heart is Still Frozen
My heart is still frozen
from the winter of your
cold nature. Frostbitten,
burning while freezing, I
cannot find my relief –
there is no warmth for me.

Though spring brings fluttering
wings of sing-song birds, and
petals ready to burst,
the wind still has a chill.
Though I am ready to thaw,
there is no warmth to melt me.

Must I wait for summer’s
heat, to melt my frozen
core?  When will my winter
come to its season’s end?
Alas, I must wait, for
my heart is still frozen.

"Frozen Hearts" by Amanda Forsythe aka AmandaForsythePhoto on deviantart.com

Inside My Heart
Inside my heart, lost long before,
hidng love that can be no more.
Distant echoes of long goodbyes,
just the pain reflects in my eyes;
memories I cannot ignore.

I can feel you within my core,
within my soul, within my pores.
Without you, constant broken cries
Inside my heart.

I live without my lost amour,
alive without my heart’s encore –
broken beating beneath this guise,
a pulse living to meet demise.
Alive without what I adore
Inside my heart.

"Unrequited Love" by Jana Delmar aka The-Silver-Doe on deviantart.com


10 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #52

  1. That banner is fantastic, I really love that you have a little song for it too. Your creativity always amazes me!

    The poems were great, I liked the lines that sara pointed out about birds and petals. The images in my head with those lines were really interesting.

    I also really liked the second one, the line about living with lost armour was good, again pictures in my head with that one.

    • My creative side has always been influenced by you – you’r so talented!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the poems, I wasn’t 100% wild about them, but I’m glad you guys enjoyed them!

    • I’m very glad you enjoyed it! I had written that months ago, and for whatever reason, I didnt like it. I reread it and changed my mind lol. Glad I decided to share it!

  2. I love love love the intermission banner, so creative! You did a fantastic job with it. And the fact that you wrote a little song for it too, fantastic. It looks soooo good!

    The poems were very lovely, I really liked how they were both dealing with matters of the heart, but had such different imagery between them. I liked them both, but especially the second one, it has this powerful emotion to it, and it really affected me when I read it.

  3. Great poems!
    I loved the second stanza in the first poem, the contrast between the first three lines and second three is great. And I particularly like the first part, “Though spring brings fluttering
    wings of sing-song birds, and
    petals ready to burst” great use of all those poetic devices we learned in school 😉 lol
    The second poem also really reaches out to me. The yearning of the heart is a powerful thing.
    P.S. Coffee later? Text me 🙂

  4. I’m always good for a comment! I have that same frozen heart image in my collection. Something about great minds thinking alike is echoing through my head…

    You are right about the poems not reflecting your good mood. I do think the second one is less somber. I like them both yet the second one reached out to me.

    I need to learn Photoshop. Want to teach me?

    • Yeah, now that you mention it, I do remember seeing that image on one of your photo updates!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the poems! 🙂

      Also, I’m not the best with photoshop, if you really want a good tutor, Saber may be better to ask. However, if you ever need advice I can always try to help! 🙂 Alot of the stuff I’ve learnt has been through online guides, and lots of trial and error.

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