31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of the 31 Days of Blogging Honesty!  So far, no tough questions (in my opinion at least), so let’s get on with the question!

#2. The most expensive item I’ve ever stolen is…

To begin, I just want to say that I think stealing is wrong, and I can’t ever see myself stealing like a car, or even a small item like a chocolate bar.  I feel bad if they forget to charge me for an ear of corn at the grocery store (which is like a buck or something).  That’s not to say I’ve never stolen anything though, which I think in general everyone has stolen at least one thing in their life. 

The most expensive item is a hard question for a number of reasons.  But I think if I had to pick something, overall it would be food from my first job.  I used to work at a submarine sandwich shop, which makes very tasty sandwiches.  During my second year of working there, I had had enough of my boss, because he was a friggen dick.  He talked down to us girls, and though he ran a good business, he wasn’t necessarily the nicest person.  It’s not like I stole something everyday, but often me and one of the other girls I worked with would find ways to get free food.  We may have added extra meat to our sub, or made a salad or made a sub on the garlic bread.  Mostly stuff they wouldn’t count or keep too much of an eye on.  Now, I know that sounds awful, but to be honest, I don’t feel bad about it.  Not one bit.  And I’m the type of person that feels guilty for accidentally taking a pen from work (no kidding, I actually made the point to come back when I wasn’t working to drop it off). 

This is the taste of evil my friends. Pure, secret-sauce covered evil.

The job was shitty.  I could have done what a lot of people may have done, which is not work very hard – but I’m not that type of person either.  I did my job and I did it well, and I feel a little justified taking a few pieces of food.  I even got fired from this job (but not for like taking food or anything).  My boss retired and his daughter started running the place.  When she started, she never did any work during the day (like any prep, cutting the meat etcetera), so when the other girls and I came in, we’d have to do all the extra crap she didn’t do as well as our normal tasks.  A pretty mindless, easy job became very stressful.  Not to mention she made me one of the closers, so I had extra stuff on my shoulder.  I accidentally made a sub wrong one very busy night, and the customer called to complain.  When she told me, what I said was “Oooh, I’m sorry, I thought you had said ___(insert mistake here)____.  If you come back in I can remake your subs for free, sorry about that”.  For whatever reason, that wasn’t good enough for her, and she started yelling at me.  I told her again I’d remake her subs, but she wasn’t listening.  I had four other things to do at that exact moment, including cleaning the unit, making current sub orders, and dealing with the catering truck orders.  I said to her again that I’d make her new subs if she came back in, but I had to leave because I had other things to do.  She called me a liar.  No one likes being called a liar, especially me – and especially when I’m not lying.  I told her not to call me a liar, and said once more that we’d remake her subs if she came back in – and then I hung up.  The next day I got fired because that bitchy woman complained to my boss.  I got fired because one customer complained.  The woman who still runs this place said that I had “other complaints” which were a)never brought up to my attention or b)documented properly – so that to me just proves that she’s the one who is lying.  I would also like to mention that I was 17 at the time, about a week or so before my 18th birthday.  So I think for dealing with all of their bullshit for a few years, I was entitled to a bit of free food.  Whether you agree or not isn’t really my concern.  I still go in to buy subs, and overall it doesn’t really bother me anymore.  The woman who fired me told me I “don’t deal with people well”.  I’d like to call shenanigans on that statement, because I’ve worked in customer service and retail at all my jobs, and overall, I think I deal very well with people.  If I didn’t, strangers wouldn’t approach me at the bus stop and tell me their life story.

So in a roundabout way, that’s the most expensive thing I’ve stolen.  It’s not worth very much monetarily, and if I had to give a number for what I stole, I’d say no more than $50 worth of food.  The second highest would be the DVD Beetlejuice – I borrowed it off a guy I was seeing, then I found out he had a girlfriend, and I was so mortified, guilty, and disgusted that I never saw him again.  And I still have the DVD.  So it was a circumstantial stealing.  That one is probably only worth about $10. 



6 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 2

  1. That was an epically amazing answer. I love the phase “circumstantial stealing” I will try to fit it into my everyday dialogue

  2. I love your answer but your explanation is golden. You are right, stealing is wrong but I can fully understand how you feel. It seems like neither the father or the daughter were ‘people persons”. Business or not there is a right way to treat other people!

    Great answer.

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