Poetry Thursday #50


So I’ve made it to 50 Poetry Thursday posts eh?  I was going to celebrate, but then I thought “Why is 50 any better than 49, or even 51?”.  I’m not a huge fan of milestones, maybe because all my “milestones” have been merely “meh”.  I think I should just be excited that I even made it this far, and every additional number after this will be even more exciting.  Which means if I throw a huge celebration, then next Thursday I’ll have to throw an even bigger one and so on and so forth.  So I guess I should cancel the caterers, the DJ, the petting zoo, the strippers, and the Ghostbusters.  I hope I can get my deposit back.

Sorry for the slight delay getting this up, I forgot yesterday was Wednesday and I didn’t prepare my post like I usually do.  And then when I realized that it was Wednesday, it was late and I was already watching Arrested Development with Ryan.  So yeah, something’s have gotta take precedent.  Tonight I’m going to see Ghost Stories at the Panasonic theatre in Toronto with my friends Sara, Aaron, and Dani.  I’m super excited, and hoping it’ll be pants-crappingly scary.  Thankfully tomorrow is Good Friday so I don’t have to go to work (AND I get paid, huzzah), so if it’s all scary and stuff and I can’t sleep, it won’t be a big deal.  I’m hoping to work on some posts, got a bunch of ideas for Top 10s, and a few other posts to work on.  Oh, and before I forget, I updated a few entries for my Book Bucket List.  I’ve been ok with getting stuff read, but mostly I’ve been reading stuff that isn’t on my list or I’ve read already.  I’m bad with commitments apparently.

Anyways, I’ve rambled enough for one day, on with my poem!

Version 1.0
Settled dust around me,
shrouding me like a blanket.
Shelved away, unwanted toy.
Some have used me, abused me,
selfishly breaking my heart.
So they say I’m not the best,
something better will come by:
sexy, sultry and perfect.
Shadows fall on this broken
soul, becoming obsolete.
Scathed by the consumer, is
seen as a worthless antique.

"Obsolete" by Travis Favretto aka tfavretto on deviantart.com


6 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #50

  1. You cancelled the Ghostbusters! I’m so sad!

    I loved your poem, the title was fab. I loved the last line “Scathed by the consumer, is seen as a worthless antique.” Beautifully worded. Also loved what Ryan pointed out about the human qualities mixed with the object. I was never really sure when reading it who or what you were talking about.

    Congrats on 50 poetry Thursdays! I look forward to 50 more!

    • Hurray for ambiguity!

      Sorry about cancelling the Ghostbusters, I didn’t think it would be economically sound.

      Glad you enjoyed the poem, thanks for stopping by as always my friend!

  2. Canceling the strippers? Please don’t! Lol, let’s have at least that, your 50 posts deserve few walking temptations to congratulate you in steaming dance and I can sit next to you and do the clapping haha

    Well done! I’m sure other 50 will come, beautiful and worth reading!

    The poem was a perfect for a 50th post! I agree with Ryan the title is a killer and I loved the most “Scathed by the consumer, is
    seen as a worthless antique.”

    The image … perfect match!

    All together- great!

    • Haha maybe I won’t cancel the strippers, I do love the eye candy!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the poem! Thanks for stopping by, I always love yoru comments!

  3. I love the title of the poem (yup, I am back to loving titles, haha). What I loved when reading this poem was that it has these very humanistic qualities, so it feels as if you are talking about a person, but at the same time it is as if you are simply giving human characteristics to an object and how we treat it. Wonderful!

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