Poetry Thursday #47

I decided that three weeks vacation from my blog was enough time to be away.  It was a well needed (and well deserved in my opinion) break, but as I’ve been feeling better, and life seems to have continued on at a steady pace, I’m ready to start writing again.  I’m sure all of you are applauding and cheering, and throwing confetti into the air and doing a merry little jig, and all I can say is thank you, but I do think the confetti was a bit overdoing it.  Besides, that stuff is a mess to clean up.  Maybe some balloon animals would suffice next time (not that there’ll necessarily be a next time, but who knows right?).  Anyways, I did sit down and write a bit in my absence, but most of what I wrote I didn’t like, but I will share one that I did.  I’m hoping to have that Top 10 I finished a few weeks ago to go up this weekend, and now that the snow (that came suddenly, which none of us here in Ontario are happy about) is starting to melt again, I’m sure I’ll be much more inspired to write.  So yay, hopefully more posts than usual in the next few weeks!  I’m not going to promise anything though, apparently when I try to make a schedule for my blog, I’m very inclined to not follow it.  Maybe I’m subconsciously mad at myself or my blog, and this is my subconscious being spiteful.  That or I don’t like being told what to do.  That or I’m just really, really lazy with due dates.  Take your pick of any of those options, I’m sure at least one of them is right.

Oh, and did you notice my blog looks different?  What?  You didn’t?  Abuh-a-huff-well-I-say!  Have I really been gone that long that you all forgot what my blog looked like?  I’m not going to lie, it stings…but I suppose I deserve it.  So for those who want to see what my old blog design was, have a looksie on the About the Blog page.

Enough rambling and awkward catching up business, on with the poem!  Hope you all enjoy, and I missed you all so very, very, very much!

A Moment of Solace
Holding my breath, as
I steady my feet.
Taking a moment
to let myself think.
If I focus, allow
the world to rotate,
move on without me –
then I can have one
precious moment of
blissful, needed peace.

As I exhale, the
despair in my heart
is gone.  And for a
moment, I have found
the perfect solace –
resting within my
heart and soul is the
power to be happy.
I can trust myself
to carry onward.

"Solace" by Corbin K. Zahrt aka mortevitae on deviantart.com


13 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #47

  1. I forgot to say, I like the new blog decore. Nice! NIce! Classic.

    You CAN trust yourself to carry onward.Dear Cherlyn, I didn’t realize you were feeling depressed too. I’m sorry dear one.

    Lovely poem. Won’t you link it in on Sunday (8 p.m. central time) to Poetry Potluck. Check out the poetry community. You’ll have fun and make good blogger poet friends after awhile. Blaga and I met through that.

    Be happy –
    Hugs! 🙂

      • I’m glad you like my new layout 🙂

        And it’s all good – I’m feeling better now, that’s all that’s important 🙂

        I’ll think about linking it on Sunday – I’ve always wanted to write a poem for at least one Poetry Potluck, i just never got around to it, or forgot, or didn’t have time those days to write something on a certain topic. I think tonight I’ll stop by to see what the topic is and take a dabble at it instead of linking this one, I’d feel like I was cheating a little haha.

        Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your comments 🙂

  2. OK so I love the new look of your blog, very nice and fresh (Though I will miss the old one, I liked that one too. We were twins which was cool.)
    I’m not one for confetti but I’m down with the balloon animals, I went through a faze where I decided I wanted to make them so I can make a dog, llama and giraffe which are all the like same thing… we probably shouldn’t talk about that again.. anywho.

    Your poem is lovely, so calm and peaceful, somthing I really wish I could find right now and I can’t quite manage!
    I almost felt calm when reading your poem, so maybe I’ll read it a few more times and let it’s tranquility wash over me.
    Glad to see your back:)

    • I’m glad you like the new look and the new banner 🙂 I do miss my old one, but it was time for a change – I get bored when things become stagnant. Is that the right word? I’m not going to look it up and hope for the best. I didnt know you could make balloon animals, and you’re right, they all are kind of the same thing. But they’re better than what I could make – which is like a snake or…maybe a worm or something lol.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my poem, and I hope you find some form of tranquility in real life. Maybe you should meditate! I dunno, or take sitting up naps, they’re the same thing right?

      Thanks for your sweet comments!

  3. Where should I start from first? Ok, one by one then 🙂

    1. Yayayayayayayayayay you are baaaaack! When I saw the notification for Thursday poetry from you, huge smile appeared … and believe e girl, the confetti are worth cleaning after you!
    2. I love the new theme! Honestly, very classy and stylish! Bravo for the choice!
    3. I too don’t work well with schedules, when I don’t have one I achieve much more, just because with programs always sounds like someone is telling you “DO IT NOW!” And we cool girls don’t like orders, do we? lol
    4. The poem is very peaceful, I like it. With a hint of happiness to come …Happy to read your stuff again.
    5. Thanks for the lovely comments you left at my Spartacus posts, it was a delight to have you visit!
    6. 🙂 Welcome back, your presence in the blog world was surely missed!

      • 1. yay! I’m glad I’m back, and I’m feeling more up to writing and catching up on everyone elses stuff too, so hurray!

        2. I’m glad you enjoy the new theme, wasn’t sure how everyone was going to react, so far, awesome!

        3. Lol no, no we don’t – we’re too awesome for orders!

        4. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem, out of the ones I wrote it was the only one I enjoyed, so I was a bit nervous sharing it – thought it may suck lol.

        5. No problem at all, I’m hoping to go through a few more posts I’ve missed this afternoon after work 🙂

        6. Thanks! I’m glad to be back!

        7. Teehee! I’m glad you enjoyed that, I had a bit of fun writing those messages.

  4. Yay! I am so happy you are back! I am glad you are well rested and feeling better! It was a well deserved break for you!

    I loved the calming aspect of the poem, having everything stop, slow down and allow one to enjoy a moment. It is really beautiful!

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