Poetry Thursday Oldies #1

Hello everyone – sorry to inform you all that there is no new poetry this week.  I’ve sat down a few times this week to write and found that no creativity would come to me.  I wrote a few poems, but I’m really not impressed with them, and don’t feel they’re good enough to be shared with you guys.  In my frustration I did write a haiku though.  It goes like this:

I have no poems
to share this Thursday, for they
were not good enough.

I thought instead of leaving you empty-handed, I would share a poem from a much older post.  I have quite a few older Poetry Thursday posts that only got read by maybe Ryan or one of my close friends, and I thought it’d be a nice to idea to share some of those older poems with the rest of the readers now that people actually manage to stumble over here from time to time.  I hope that made sense, it’s early and I still haven’t finished my coffee.  Anyways, here are two older poems from my blog, I hope you enjoy!

You – Originally posted March 4th, 2010
I know you know –
it’s a secret shouting from my soul.
I know you could love me; and
that you could make me whole.  

I have waited years for you.
I would wait an eternity more.
This feeling drives me; builds me –
it’s within all my fibres, in all of my pores.  

Every time you’ve made me cry,
and all the times you’ve caused me pain –
never feel as strong as when you
make me smile; you are the sunshine to my rain.  

Not one single person in my life
affects me in the way you do.
The only reason to wake, to breathe, to live;
the only thing compelling me is you. 

"Waiting For You" by Jowett Jap aka jjap on deviantart.com

Shadow Time – Originally posted March 18th, 2010
The moon and sun are out of sight.
By three (the darkest time of night),
dark things unknown make the room quake –
startled, out of slumber I wake.    

I am alone – but yet am not,
I see the things my mind forgot.
I close my eyes – but can’t ignore
the dreadful, fearful, things of gore.     

In the darkness, perhaps a face;
transformed, safety now an unknown place.
The shadows overwhelm my room,
the darkness now becomes my tomb.     

Perhaps my eyes they do deceive,
the ghosts, however, refuse to leave.
The watch, they wait – and I, their prey,
in the safety of my bed I lay.     

I lay in bed, and though I tire,
I find the strength to not retire
until the sun lights the skies –
I sleep until the shadows rise.  


16 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday Oldies #1

  1. I’m so pleased you reposted these. Well done. Worthwhile. I particularly liked the second (and the pic – Wow!), but they are both good. I’m just a curmudgeon with it comes to love! Ha!

    Stay well and happy ….

  2. As usual they were very good poems but WOW, what a sight the photo is of the second poem. Perfect. Even though it’s probably nothing more than a lemur or something it is profound what it does emotionally to the reader and to that poor girl!

    As Randy Jackson would say, “Good lookin’ out!”

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them! And do you guys usually get lemurs making noise in your house? lol I actually had to look it up to make sure I was thinking of the right animal, I dont think I’ve ever seen one in real life, they aren’t aroudn here. Usually if I hear a weird noise in the house, I usually think a bat got in – that’s fairly common.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Happy Friday Cherlyn,
    I hope creativity will find you soon,
    your oldies were perfect,
    I love the first one, hopeful reading.

    The second one is good too,
    especially combined with the image,
    does the effect of making you think
    of few things.

    Love& Hugs

    • Happy Friday to you as well Blaga! I hope this weekend is a good one for you 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed my Oldies! To me they are never 100% perfect, but I’m glad that if I’m really uninspired I can just try to rework one of them 😛

  4. I agree with Saber…I love that you reposted these poems, they are so amazing. It was a really lovely idea.

    If you ever have writers block again, you can always write a poem about me, haha.

  5. I love those poems, I”m so glad you decided to share them again. The second one is my favourite with the rhyme and the subject. Like a creepy nursery rhyme! Hehe my morbid love for all things a little eerie.

    Hope your writer’s block leaves you soon:)

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