No Top 10 and My Laptop’s Plot to Destroy the World

Hello everyone.  If you’re tuning in today to check out my post today, which was planned to be a Top 10, I’m very sorry to disappoint you.  What bothers me the most is that I have more than half of it done, but it isn’t finished, and I can’t finish it.  Why?  Because my laptop is determined to foil my plans.  Today alone I’ve had to restart my computer eleven times.  I’ve only been up for one hour, and I’ve had to restart it eleven times.  Six of those times were when I was trying to work on my post, because yesterday every attempt I made to work on it I had to restart it.  The same goes for the day before that, and the day before that. 

Now, I’m not sure what my laptop Charlie has against my Top 10 list.  Maybe he doesn’t agree with my choices, or maybe he’s just an asshole.  So instead of making futile attempts to work on it with my laptop, I’ve decided to hold off on my Top 10 until my parent’s computer comes back (hopefully tomorrow).  In the mean time, I’m going to try to use Charlie less, because he’s pissing me off.  I’m about ready to hurl it across the room, or chuck it onto the road. 

The funny thing is, I’ve had no freaking problems writing this post, or even my previous two posts.  And I started the Top 10 list I believe on Monday, in hopes of having it up Friday, or at the latest today.  Maybe my laptop is part of a secret alliance that is hoping to abolish all Top 10 lists, thus creating an uninteresting, dystopian, internet society where no lists of any kind are made – where bullet lists and numeric lists have to live in fear.  Maybe Charlie is the Big Brother of this society, maybe the cake is a lie.

Or maybe Charlie is a fucking jerk, who knows.

Anyways, I am sorry for not keeping up with everyone’s blogs – especially the ones where they update everyday.  I have no idea where you find the energy, motivation, or time, but man, I applaud you.  I’m hoping to catch up tomorrow after work – Charlie permitting of course.

Image courtesy of Todd Loren Sinclair from the blog "What...?"


12 thoughts on “No Top 10 and My Laptop’s Plot to Destroy the World

  1. Well, I’m glad I came. I can’t believe I missed all these, though they read familiar. I think I must have read and thought to come back and comment when I had more energy and forgot. Happy to be re-reading as they are all goodies.

    Hope Charlie is fixed by now.

    • It’s all good, I’ve done that a bit myself lately. Charlie isn’t fixed, but we do have our computer back. Charlie is now in his bag tucked away again lol.

  2. Well, I know only one Charlie and he was not a nice person, so I guess there is something in the name to provoke you actions and desires. I hope Charlie goes back to good boy soon. And I finally made it to your blog! Thanks for everything Cherlyn. This post certainly left a smile on my face, very welcome with my morning coffee :)! Hugs!

    • Well, now that we got our computer back, Charlie can go back to sleep lol. I’m still working my way to everyone’s blogs, hopefully I’ll be caught up soon! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Whenever you get it finished I am looking forward to reading it. Saber is on the money when she said your top ten lists are a great read. Sometimes I compose my posts in a word processor and c & p at a later date.

    Don’t tell Charlie I told you that.

    • Lol I’m sorry Tom, but I think it’s funny how you think that’ll help. I appreciate the sentiment, I really do. What I didn’t mention is that whatever program I used to work on this post, my computer didn’t like it and froze. It didnt matter if I used the wordpress website, google docs, windows live writer, wordpad, or hell, my last resort was notepad. Freaking notepad wouldnt work. I doubt if I even had a decent word processor installed that it would matter.

      Besides, before the computer crashed, all of my posts were done on microsoft word before I cut and pasted it to the website.

      Thanks for the sentiment though.

    • I realize my first comment sounded extra bitchy, that wasn’t my intent – I’m sorries! I got out of bed this morning for work, after only sleeping two hours last night, and I”m just super achey, shivery, and sleepy, so therefore: cranky haha. Thanks for the advice anyways though 🙂

  4. 😦 I was so looking forward to your list cause they are always so awesome. I can’t believe charlie is being such an ass about it. Maybe he’s jealous of your skill or maybe he is evil and trying to destroy our list friendly world. Hopefully you can foil his evil plans in time to save the world….AGAIN! Duh duh DUUH!

    • 😦 I is sorry, hopefully I can actually get it done. It’s so weird, everytime I opened it to work on it, my computer was all “DOES NOT COMPUTE ARRGGHHH!” and then it froze lol.

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