Poetry Thursday #46

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you!  Another Poetry Thursday, indeed!  Again, only one poem this week.  It seems I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with projects (both blog related, and other personal projects), personal life, and work.  This doesn’t surprise me, because I always do this, and then I always vow to “never do this again” (which I’ve been adding as of late: “And this time, I mean it!”).  Alas, it seems that when I have nothing going on I’m miserable, and when I have too much going on I’m too tired to notice how I feel.  I haven’t found my middle ground apparently.  Stupid, stupid, Cherlyn! *Bashes head against the desk*.  Wow, that was unnecessarily angsty, my apologies.

Before I go on with the poem, I did want to make mention that I realize I haven’t updated my “Coming Soon” page since January.  It seems I keep trying to plan for something, and then find that it’s just not feasible.  I’ll try to get a better schedule up when I figure out my life (which hopefully will be sooner rather than later).  And I also wanted to say sorry for not checking up on people’s blogs as regularly as I should.  Most of the time when I get home from work I’m exhausted, and end up sleeping for a bit.  I’m trying to at least catch up on blogs at least once a week, but I am sorry for the delay in my comments.  Yes, I’m quite aware I suck heinously, you can stop throwing rotten vegetables at your computer screen in hopes to punish me. 

Enough ramblings, here’s my poem this week.  It’s actually a bit older, I forgot I wrote it and found it buried in one of my bedside drawers as I was cleaning.  I suppose it’s more prose than anything (teehee, that rhymed), but oh well, I like it and I thought I’d share it with you all.  So, I hope you all enjoy!  Oh, and I’m hoping to have a post go up Saturday/Sunday, so yay, something other than Poetry Thursdays!

I Cannot Love You Anymore
I cannot love you anymore.
I cannot pine and wait for you.
I’ve been alone, unloved, so long,
now it’s time to dust off my heart,
which you left broken, unwanted.
But I have mended it alone,
made it strong, made it whole again –
ready to love and to be loved.
This time you cannot discard me,
shelved amongst the unwanted trash.
I cannot let myself be hurt,
I cannot love you anymore.


"Goodbye My Alomst Lover" by thanuU


10 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #46

  1. Ah, we’ve all been there. I gave up dating for lent one year and haven’t picked it up again. Completely happy with that choice. But, then I’m an old geezer! Ha!

    As the saying goes, Cherlyn, “know when to fold ’em.” Some things are meant to end.

    Great poem.

    • You’re not an “old geezer”! Can’t imagine that ever happening either.

      And couldn’t agree more with the “know when to fold ’em” comment – there’s a reason it’s called a breakup, because it’s broken.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your words here can relate very much to my state right now … so that makes me like this poem very much, simple, yet with so much to gain from.

    I’m slowly catching up on your posts, I hope everything goes well your end! Have a good day Cherlyn!

    • Arg I thought I replied ot this! It must’ve been when my computer wasn’t fixed yet or something, or I changed the page before the comment was left. My bad, sorries!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my poem, and I’m sorry for being behind on yours still, so much to do lately!

  3. Hey, I’m sorry to hear that life is still hitting you in the face like a desk. Try to aim for the keyboard, it cushions the blow. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the weekend! could it be that top 10 you had talked about on family day?

    I loved this poem, I found it quite inspriational. The whole Idea that when something knocks you down you need to pick yourself up and walk on. I’m really feeling that right now so I felt a connection to this poem when I read it. The photo as always is a wonderful companion.

    • Life is always hitting me in the face lol I’ve just learned to roll with the punches. And as for the weekend…mayyyhaaappss.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the poem! That’s exactly what I had in mind when I wrote it :).

  4. This poem honors the pain of hearts the world over! An excellent poem Cherlyn. The photo of the girl walking away and towards something/someone is a great touch. I miss you and will get to replying to the pile of comments as soon as I can. Ciao.

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