Poetry Thursday #45

I’m writing this the night before, and I’m thinking it may be a mistake.  I’m having the hardest time keeping my eyes open, and my head is cocking ever so slightly to the left – kind of like a dog when they’re trying to understand you.  Yup, that’s me.  My brain has shut down for the night, and I guess most of my brain effort is now going towards staying awake, rather than understanding things.  I suppose I could write this in the morning before I go to work.  In theory that could work.  Emphasis on the word could.  However, I’ve started to do “hot yoga” with my friend, and tonight (as I write this I mean), was the second time I’ve ever gone, so I’m going to guess that by the morning, my gluteus maximus (aka, my ass muscles) are going to be super sore.  Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Cherlyn, your glutes have no impact on how your brain functions”.  And to that I shake my head, and think you are just so naive.  How in the world can I possible think of anything else when my ass hurts?  Besides, if you really understood how pivotal my ass is to my creativity and my overall brain functions, you’d understand why I’m writing this post half asleep rather than half-assed – OHHH bad pun, sorry.  You know what, I’m feeling so tired, I’m not even going to reread this paragraph to make sure it makes any sense.  Besides, we all know the best kind of ramblings are the incoherent ones, why tamper with a good thing?

Oh, right, it’s Thursday.  I suppose I should get to the poem.  So yeah, here it is!

Each waking breath I ache,
I shudder, yearn, and shake –
tremors of wants, desires,
my flesh sparking with fire.
Longing for temptation,
releasing frustration –
to sweat with heated lust,
to spark passion – to combust.
My skin burns, no relief,
no cool release – just grief.
I need to burn this flame,
to find someone to claim
fiery passions – ignite
a release of delight.
I burn, blister, and blaze,
aching from a fevered daze.

"Flame II" by Max Schutze aka uncle-xam on deviantart.com


13 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #45

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  2. I totally understand not being able to concentrate with a sore bum, hahahaha. I love your rambling, they always make me laugh.

    Your poems always so vivid for me, and I always get a sensation when I read them, they always ellict a reaction in me. Its weird how with just words it can make someone actually feel hot, feel what your words are describing.

  3. Your poem was “spicy” haha I know you know what I’m saying.

    I love your rambleings, they are best left untampered with. You did manage to make quite a bit of sense, though that may not be saying much coming from me!

    I hope your ass doesn’t hurt too bad:)

    • Hahaha, yes I know what you’re talking about lol. Nice!

      You and are rambling soulmates saber ;). And it doesn’t hurt as bad as last time, though my sides are sore lol. I can’t win lol

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