Some Thank Yous While I Ignore Valentine’s Day

I suppose for the past few weeks I haven’t done many posts other than just Poetry Thursdays.  Don’t worry, I will punish myself later.  I wanted to write a short post thanking everyone for making my birthday this year awesome.  Usually my birthday comes around and I mope and whine because usually something about my birthday sucks.  This year, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.  There was no drama, there was no tears, no fights, and no stress.  So many people around me have made me feel special, which is something that I don’t always feel.  Blaga posted a beautiful post wishing me a Happy Birthday, which I still think is just super sweet of her.  Lots of readers out there were kind enough to stop by to wish me a happy birthday. 

On the 10th a bunch of my closest friends and I went out for some martinis and dinner, and their company was more than I could ever ask for. 

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My good friend Saber sent me a humorous and informative letter alongside a beautiful necklace (which I absolutely adore). 

And of course Ryan, who is probably the nicest person in the world I’ll ever meet, spent the day with me, taking me out to dinner and just making the day even better than it could have been.  So thank you to everyone, for the first time in a long time, I had a perfect birthday, and it’s really great to know that people out there give a crap.

I will try to post more posts besides Poetry Thursday.  I have indeed been busy the past few weeks, but I have been a bit lazy too.

Oh, and as for today…A big ol’ fuck you to Valentine’s Day, which of course is better known as Single’s Awareness Day.  To spite this Hallmark sham of a holiday, I’m going to enjoy my singleness, and there ain’t a damn thing anyone can do about it.  So to all my single friends out there, and to anyone feeling the unhappy pressures of today weighing them down, go out for drink or take yourself out to lunch, enjoy a nice day to yourself and take a break from one of the many commercialist days of the year.  And to anyone who thinks I’m being hypocritical, rude, stupid, or just plain bitter, I just have one message for you: pfftttt, JOG ON!


17 thoughts on “Some Thank Yous While I Ignore Valentine’s Day

  1. Aw you are the sweetest person ever for posting this! I am so glad you had a fantastic birthday this year, you totally deserved it!!!!!!!! ❤

    • I suppose, but I can’t help my dislike for it lol. It’s just in my nature. But that doesnt mean I didnt have a good day overall, glad this year it didnt feel like it does most years!

  2. LOL >>> Single’s Awareness Day!! I love it! I’m right there with the I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day.

    Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you got some great and thoughtful gifts. How nice.

  3. Ack! now the world knows about my crappy streamer srawing skills! Oh the shame!

    Moving on, I’m glad you had a great birthday! It looks like you guys had a great time with your drinks, I only wish I could have been there.

    You know I totally agree with you on the whole Valentines day thing. It’s crap, but luckily no one here made a big deal about it.

    Oh and that picture at the end, Perfect! 🙂

      • i wish you could have been there too, but don’t worry, you were there in spirit! And yeah, Valentine’s day was mostly mellow over here, except it looks like a Valentine fairy threw up all over my work *shudders*. And don’t worry, your streamer drawing skills are far superior to my own!

  4. Was just perusing a few posts on good ‘ol WordPress and randomly came across your blog.

    Since I’m here, I’m just going to go ahead and wish you a belated happy birthday!

    Keep smiling and keep blogging.

    Wow oh wow, that sounds really corny/cheesy, but eh, I mean it! A driven, happy mood is a powerful thing. 😀

  5. I’m glad to hear you had a nice birthday Cherlyn! I love the picture of you and Ryan, you look so gorgeous! Loved Saber’s present and letter, that would be something I would be happy to have as a present, so to me it was a perfect choice. Be happy, always!

    • Thanks Blaga 🙂 I hate that photo of me, but I guess no one really likes photos of themselves. Thanks for stopping by – dont worry I’m not forgetting your blog, or anyone elses for that matter, our computer decided to die today, so now I’m stuck using a very slow, old laptop and it is a major pain trying to navigate a bunch of websites on this thing. Hopefully I can get caught up soon!

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