Poetry Thursday #44

Hello, Cherlyn is unavailable due to severe mental breakdown caused by extreme busyness, laziness, Februaryness, work inventory and the impending day of St. Valentine. 

If you would like to reach her, dial 1-800-ICU-CKOO and dial extension 6668.  Please be advised that any reference to the second month of the year will most likely result in high-pitched shrieks.  If you encounter loud, thumping noises during your conversation, this is her just merely bashing her head in with the phone receiver – there is no need to worry, as she will tucker herself out eventually.  If you wish to send her a care package while she gets better, please send only soft, dull objects, and absolutely no pink objects or heart-shaped objects of any kind. If you cannot wait for her to go outsane rather than insane – the address of the asylum she is currently residing is 123 Nuts Street, Burlington, Ontario.   

Incase of an emergency check under local bridges or in ditches nearby.

Remember, there is no harm in eating a gallon of yogurt while watching the Discovery Channel naked.  Please leave a message after the tone.

One Last Time, and Never Again
Wrapped within your warm arms,
smelling your savoury scent;
a quiet moment, lasting a lifetime,
wishing I could have a life time more.

A single night of holding and having,
of soft sighs and whimpers, of silently loving.
Each second brings us closer to dawn,
to when I have to let you go again.

"My Last Goodbye" by Naudh on deviantart.com

Inside My Heart
Inside my heart, lost long before,
Hiding love that can be no more.
Distant echoes of long goodbyes,
Just the pain reflects in my eyes;
Memories I cannot ignore.

I can feel you within my core,
Within my soul, within my pores.
Without you, constant broken cries
Inside my heart.

I live without my lost amour,
Alive without my heart’s encore –
Broken beating beneath this guise,
A pulse living to meet demise.
Alive without what I adore
Inside my heart.

"Unrequited" by Allie aka yellow-elephant on deviantart.com


16 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #44

  1. I don’t know how I missed last Thursday’s post. Glad I caught it this time round. Fine two poems, perfect pics to illustrate, and soooo sorry about the crazies – in February yet – one of my fave months!!!! We are both Feb. babies. Best part of the blog is your witty “repartee.” You are so good at that. Have you thought of becoming a comedian or a comedy writter or …. something of that ilk. You have got the gift, my girl.

    Blog on …

    • It’s funny, I’m a February babe but I definitely don’t like it too much. It’s not awful I suppose, I just hold a grudge 😛 lol. Someone once told me I should be a comedian, but I think when I try to hard to be funny I fail miserably lol I’m much funnier when I’m just being me. I’m glad you like my witty “repartee” (such an awesome term!), sometimes I feel like I’m being silly, but at least it’s entertaining!

  2. Your opening message is hilarious. The poem One Last Time, and Never Again is beautifully sad. I’ve felt those sentiments way more times than I’d like to recount. Well said, even if heart-tugging.

    • Thank you very much 🙂 I always find the better poems are the ones I write the most from my heart, usually in the moment too. That’s probably my favourite this week. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  3. Wishing you a fab Birthday Sweetheart!

    It was nice of Bubble to have done this or else I would have been left out. Here-

    Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.. 🙂
    Love xxx

  4. “Remember, there is no harm in eating a gallon of yogurt while watching the Discovery Channel naked.” Cooking bacon is the only thing I consider harming to do naked!

    Great poems as usual Cherlyn! I hope you have time to take a mental break soon. Everyone needs one every now and again.

    I must say that both poems are superb however I usually have a favorite where your poems are concerned and this week is no different. I love One Last Time, and Never Again and April is in agreement. She says hello by the way. Take care.

    • Funny thing – there’s this game called “Things in a Box”, where you write answers to weird ‘things’. For example, a card may say “Things you wouldn’t want to do naked”. Saber and I both put down ‘cook bacon’! I guess great minds think a like eh?

      I’m glad you liked both poems! I think if I had to pick a favourite it would be One Last Time, and Never Again as well. I wrote it in the moment, and I think it really reflects how I was feeling.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Haha I like that “great minds” oh dear I think the world is doomed!

        As for doing things naked, bacon cooking is a bad one, but I also wouldn’t want to go out and shovel the driveway naked. You might get road salt where you really don’t want it.

  5. Hehe, I’ve been laughing with your introduction for the past 30 minutes, I had to read it few times …funny Cherlyn!

    I hope February will go by as fast as possible … I’m not a fan of the 14th day either, so absolutely in harmony with your note above.

    I hope tomorrow you will have a great day despite all the rest troubling you!

    The poems are sweet and my type of poems, connected to hearts and love.

    Thanks for sharing! Keep that sense of humor, it’s adorable!

    • Hahaa I’m glad I could make you laugh 🙂 I think the world is a much better palce with laughter :).

      I’m thinking February will go by really fast actually, it already is, so I’m happy. Plus it’s almost half over. I hope it’s going as fast for you!

      I’m glad you liked them 🙂

  6. First of all I really enjoyed your crazy message, it made me laugh because I know exactly what you are talking about. I hope the winter crazies are gone soon and you get a chance to relax!

    Your poems were wonderful, so full of loss and sadness, and not at all crazy. I also noticed that you are back to two poems this week, Yay!I always like it when you’re able to do two because they often work so nicely together. It’s like part one and part two:)

    Hang in there!

    • Lol I kind of rewrote the message from an old Facebook Note, it just seemed fitting.

      I’m glad I was able to write two this week. I felt like they went well together as well :).

      I’ll definitely be checking out your posts that I’ve missed sometime today or tomorrow, I’m still trying to get back on track. Blerg

  7. I hope that the February crazies depart for you soon! You have been one very busy lady for a while now, hopefully life slows down a bit and you can have some relaxing time to yourself!

    Loved the poems, and I loved how they referenced one another, in this sense of loss.

    Sorry for the shortness, my brain is currently unable to verablize other comments, but they were beautiful poems!

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