Poetry Thursday #42

Hurray – I’ve managed to not miss a Poetry Thursday yet this year!  Wait – let me double-check, talk amongst yourselves for a minute.  Here’s a topic: valley girl elephants!

*A few minutes pass by*

Aha!  Yes, I’ve made it through the entire month of January without slacking off on my Poetry Thursday’s – so I reenforce my first “Hurray!”  Though I haven’t entirely slacked off on Poetry Thursday’s, I have been a bit lazy with every other post this month.  Or it feels that way.  I always try to make my posts meaningful or have purpose, and to plan them out a bit – but I think I could benefit from just writing something that comes to mind, or sharing something small.  I shouldn’t have to make a big post every time I want to write something.  So hopefully by February I’ll be more inspired to write!  That is, however, if I get the time.  I realized today that the first two weeks in February are really busy for me, which is great because I hate February very, very much, and would like it to go by as fast as possible.  I’m going to London (Ontario, no UK, so it’s not nearly as interesting), to visit a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in ages, and then the week after that I’m swamped with work (yay for overnight inventory at work on the 10th…).  Because I like to be mean to myself, or maybe because I’m slightly masochistic, I am going to try to plan two additional posts for myself those two weeks.  That really isn’t that much, lots of awesome bloggers I know actually do a post every other day.  Well, I’m not nearly that awesome (yet), so this is a feat for me.  Plus considering I won’t be home much those two weeks, I’ll actually have to stop being lazy when I get home from work and do some writing beforehand.  Now I think that is enough rambling for this post, on with the poetry!

Oh, and I’d like to apologize for the above paragraph, it probably makes no sense.  It’s not even 8:30pm over where I am, and I am absolutely exhausted as I type this.  But not like falling on the keyboard exhausted, but that loopy, light-headed, goofy type of exhausted.

I’d like to apologize for the above paragraph as it is completely pointless and not useful in this post at all.  That is all.  Now for poetry!  (I already said that, I know, leave me alone, I’m tired).

“Where?” pulsates from my heart,
a constant, throbbing, rhythmic ache;
Beating without a real purpose,
living without a sense of meaning.
A puzzle missing a single piece –
almost whole, but never really complete.

Waiting – whimpering – with watery eyes,
living life as lifelessly as the day before.
Every heartbeat pulsing through my veins
is a reminder of that missing piece;
a heart without heart, a soulless soul
waiting for a purpose that is not there.

".p.u.l.s.e." by Sasha Avilov aka without-walls on deviantart.com


12 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #42

  1. Well congrats on all your Poetry Thursday posts. That’s quite an accomplishment.

    Hard for me to say whether I like your prelude to poetry or your poetry best. Well, I like the whole package. You are too funny and clever, my girl. Many chuckles when I come here. Marshens (spelling?) from outerspace staring in my livingroom window think I’m weird because I’m laughing and talking back to my computer. If I get alien abducted it’s your fault.

    Poem is quite fine. Theme somewhat consistent with the one that follows, but rather inconsistent with your largely lighthearted narrative. We all feel down and question meaning sometimes. Together the poem and narrative makes a balanced whole.

    Blog on … when you can. Keep it fun. No stress.

    • Thank you 🙂 And I hope you don’t get abducted by Marshens (or is it Martians? I’m not sure either), but if you do, you tell them I asked how Tom is doing, and that I hope they stop by for a cup of coffee.

      Yeah, someone told me once that it was weird that I can write sad poems but be mostly lighthearted. I suppose it all depends on what I’m feeling during the moment I wrote it. Most of the time I need to get something off my chest, and then once I do I’m better for it. Catharsis I suppose.

      Thanks for your very intuitive comments, I love reading them!

  2. I like the way you write poems. It’s in a unique way that really makes me think of you. Haha! 🙂 Take that as a complement, it’s simple and beautiful. 😀 Thanks Cherlyn for always dropping by and reading my posts. I’m so happy everytime I see you left me a comment. 😉

    • I’m glad you enjoy my poems! Sometimes I like them too, sometimes I don’t haha. And I try to stop by as often as I can, sometimes life gets too busy and I have to do a cluster of blog reading lol. But I love reading your posts, so I always make note to do so 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by as well, I love your comments and it always makes me smile to see them 🙂

  3. Great post and poem Cherlyn. I know your blog might be an extension of your personal life but you shouldn’t feel bad when you are unable to keep your self appointed schedule.

    Take care of yourself, enjoy your friends, drink a cup of coffee, keep up with Poetry Thursday and when you get the chance add additional posts!

    As for the poem — it is great! Every hearts lament at some time or other. Very powerful!

    • Thanks Tom 🙂 I try not to get too worried about not making posts, but then I feel like I’m not being accountable to myself or my blog. I am one weird individual lol.

      Glad you enjoyed the poem – thanks for stopping by!

  4. After all the apologies, I have to say, no need dear Cherlyn, we’re all humans and it happens to all of us, but that didn’t stop me of having a laugh or two, reading the paragraphs before the poem. You’re funny! Have I told you?

    The poem is …Heart withing the heart, soulful soul
    found the purpose of a pulse … so beautiful.

    The image … very good choice.

    Me … delighted to know you and read your posts.

    Bravo that you didn’t miss any Thursday poetry posts. Enjoy London and I’d love to see pictures from there if you can make few and maybe a post about it when you come back?

    I’m back to sort of normal, so I should go back to our little project tomorrow morning!


    • Thank you very much Blaga, I’m glad I could make you laugh 🙂 I make myself laugh sometimse as well, though probably more laughing at myself than anything.

      I’m very delighted to know you as well 🙂

      I probably will have pictures from my trip, I’ll try to remember to bring my camera!

      I’m glad things are a bit better for you – and whenever you’re ready to work on our project, I am 🙂


  5. beautiful poem. The image that accompanies it works so well with the words, I kind of got a shiver reading the poem and then saw the image, it was a really beautiful moment. I think you should do a post about vallery girl elephants, haha.

  6. I like this poem, the red in the image really helps with the image of a pulse and the pumping of blood. I also like that you went for an image that wasn’t obvious.

    I look forward to seeing more spontanous in the moment posts. Those can be fun and they don’t feel like as much work if your excited about the topic.

    Don’t push yourself too hard, don’t want you getting sick again cause you didn’t get any rest! 🙂 Oh and you must disperse hugs to anyone you see in london that I know.

    • I really like the image too – I didnt want something that screamed “heart” or anything, plus I really love nature pics.

      I’ll try not to push myself too hard, though I rarely motivate myself to mediocrity, so I doubt it’s anything to worry about lol. And I shall give peoples lots and lots of hugs for you!

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