Poetry Thursday #39

Hurray!  It’s the first Poetry Thursday of 2011, woot!  I’m excited to say the least – last year when I started this blog, Poetry Thursdays were something I was toying with.  I enjoy writing a lot, but I find it hard to share it with people.  Poetry seemed like a good way to get used to putting myself out there.  And though I haven’t heard much “negative” feedback from my readers, I’ve been able to give myself some constructive criticisms along the way, so I think it’s been a very productive thing on my blog.  Hopefully this year I’ll be able to keep up with it; last year there were a few times where I wouldn’t write poetry for weeks.  I like consistency, so we’ll see how this goes.

Before the poems, I just wanted to let you guys know I updated the Coming Soon page, so if you’re interested check it out.  I update it frequently, so check back in the future to see what I’m up to!  Also, another quick reminder – I have a post going up on Saturday, so remember to stop by!  Now for some poetry!  Let me know what you think!

Deep in the Forest
Lost beneath the starry sky –
haunted by a howling cry.
A creature – grieving, for its alone;
the howling scream, it is my own.
The stars above light my way,
until I reach the light of day.
This darkened forest hides from me
my other half, which I cannot see.
An endless search for something more,
to fill the void within my core.
I call his name, a howling cry,
echoing beneath the starry sky.

"Forest" by biostm on deviantart.com

Echoes in the Forest of Weeping Willows
I almost want to call your name,
or whisper it under my breath.
A yearning so deep, so profound,
that your name echoes in the silence –
it hides in every corner,
reflects in every mirror.
I search endlessly through
the forest of weeping willows,
hoping to see a glimpse of your face
behind the despairing branches.
Though I’ve tried to hide, shroud
these thoughts from my mind –
reminders are all around me;
I can never forget the past.
And though I can never go back,
correcting mistakes I’ve made –
I hope, I pray that perhaps
it will never be “too late”.
And if I listen hard enough,
hear passed the noise of the world,
I can almost hear your voice,
whispering back my name.

"Weeping Willow" by John Petarik aka john-pecko on deviantart.com


12 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #39

  1. I really liked the connection between the two poems this week. The first one is very dark and hard and then you move into a poem that feels softer. From screams and howls to whispers. Very nice.

    I love how the first one seems to talk about a duality of human nature. That there is this hidden primal side that only comes out in the dark. A part of ourselves that we don’t know is there.

    Your poems are always such a delight to read!

    • Thanks Saber! It’s interesting that there’s a connection between the two, I wrot ethem at different times – but I guess it just goes to show you what’s been on my mind lately! lol. I’m glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

  2. Thursday poetry is back .. yay!

    Lovely choice of words, the green of images so peaceful!

    And if I listen hard enough,
    hear passed the noise of the world,
    I can almost hear your voice,
    whispering back my name.

    That’s my favorite, great end! Looking forward to read more poetry of you Cherlyn! Hugs!

  3. There is a really nice cohesion between the two words, its quite lovely. I almost get this seem that each poem represents a person, that they are both trying to find one another in a woodland maze.

    Wonderful as always.

  4. I’m admitting that I like them both the same! I really like the course Echoes in the Forest of Weeping Willows takes and it’s a great conclusion.

    I enjoyed the imagery in Deep in the Forest. I like your poetry posts (you know that), and I’m very glad that you have put yourself out there.

    April (the month) is National Poetry month and if you would like to contribute a poem to the post I am preparing, I would like that. I’m glad you liked the poetry magazine.

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