New Years Blog-o-lutions

I just realized as I started to make this post that writing at 4am is a very stupid thing for me to do, and my brain is disagreeing with  me.  Plus it’s hard to multitask, typing, drinking my coffee and eating my multigrain cheerios.  You have to eat the cheerios at a good pace or they get all soggy and gross…If I get milk on the keyboard my mom is going to be sooo mad.  Despite the awkwardness of this morning, I am in a very good mood.  2011 finally came, and I’m excited to get this year going.  I hope everyone had a very Happy New years by the way – mine was much fun, thank you to my two lovely friends for having Ry and I down for awesome sexy fun times!

With every New Years comes a list of resolutions that I rarely ever fulfill (the only successful resolution was to stop biting my nails, hurray!).  I decided this year that my list of “resolutions” would center around my blog, so now I bring you my 2011 Blog-o-lutions!  I’m going to try my hardest to keep up with this list, and to fulfill as many items off this list as I can!

Over a Cup of Coffee’s 2011 Blog-o-lutions

  1. Post as many Poetry Thursday’s as I can this year – the goal is 40 or more posts for the year.
  2. Do at least one “Top 10” list a month
  3. Make a Blog Roll page
  4. Read at least three books from my Book Bucket List
  5. Do more “random” or “in the moment” posts than last year, where I write about what’s on my mind or how I’m feeling at that moment.
  6. Make a new banner
  7. Read fellow blogger’s posts on a more regular basis and comment frequently

Well, that’s my list.  I’m sure there were more things I wanted to add, but as I said, it’s just around 4am as I write this, and my brain is still trying to snooze.  Wake up brain, if I have to be up so do you!  Yes, I was talking to my brain, gotta problem with that?  Get in line!  What?  Yeah! 

Did I totally just have a random argument with my blog?  That’s never a good sign.

Have a great day everyone – good luck on everyone’s personal resolutions, and wish me luck on my Blog-o-lutions!


10 thoughts on “New Years Blog-o-lutions

  1. That’s a fantastic list!! I wish you all the best this year!! I think arguing with your blog might have to do with it’s 4am. 🙂

  2. blog-o-lutions is such a fantastic title! I can’t wait for more in the moment posts, I always love those ones!!!

    Good luck with the blog-o-lutions!!!!!

  3. I was just thinking to come and visit you and I got few comments from you on my blog :)!
    Very good list, keep up the good job Cherlyn! Happy New Year and all the best!

  4. Having an argument with your blog is never a good sign, but I think you’ll be ok!
    I like your list very much and I look forwward to your poetry thursdays and top ten lists, they are some of my favourite things to read on your blog.
    I’m glad your going to do some more “in the moment” posts, those are fun too cauuse you can be happy, or sad, or thoughtful or silly. It’s a party mix!!

  5. This is a good list Cherlyn. I hope your brain recovers soon. I’m sure coffee is the medicine you need.

    I would love to see you fulfill all your blogolutions and I would like to help you with one of them. I will stay on your case until you steal the blogroll format and I see it here!

    Love ya, Tom

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