Poetry Thursday #36 – For Robert Phillip Ramey

There is only one poem this week that I have to share, as I didn’t have the heart to write much else this week.  On Sunday, December 5th, my Great Grandfather Robert Phillip Ramey, passed away at the age of 91.  And while my family and I grieve, I take comfort in knowing that I am related to a remarkable man; not only was my Great Grandfather a world war II veteran, as well as a soldier who had received numerous medals of honour, he was a husband to my Great Grandmother Irene for 70 years.  He was a proud father to my Grandmother Irene and my Great Aunt Roberta, and was a loving Grandfather and Great Grandfather.  I thank my friends, coworkers, and the people in my life for being supportive to me and my family, and for all the kind words, and the honour they have given my Great Grandfather.  I only wish I could have known him better, and I hope that somewhere, wherever he is, he’s in a place of comfort and happiness – patiently waiting for the rest of his family to join him.

Goodbye Great Grandpa, you will be missed deeply by your family.

Flickering Flame
The light has met its foe –
its essence begins to fade.
But we can feel its glow,
see its flicker in the shade.

With the passing of the light,
we mourn its loss with tears –
hoping our pain will ignite
that flame we all hold so dear.

Even when the light is spent,
the warmth it gave remains.
And with its passing we lament,
hoping that we’ll meet again.


13 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #36 – For Robert Phillip Ramey

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  2. That was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. Your words show how much he was loved. I hope he has found a place of peace and joy.

  3. Cherlyn, I wish your family all the comfort that you need in this time of healing and grief. This is a wonderful tribute to a great man. Seventy years of marriage is alone something to be very proud of but add all of his other accomplishments; he had a good life.

    I am sorry for your loss.


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