Poetry Thursday #34

Another Poetry Thursday, hurray!  I just want to mention that they may sound a bit sad or upsetting to some of you, and just because usually I get people asking if I’m all right, I just want to reassure that everything is a’ok with me.  Sometimes I start writing and the strangest emotions come out.  And heck, sometimes the sadder stuff is just easier to write!

Before I get going with my poems, I did want to point out that I finally put my Book Bucket List page on Tuesday evening – so go check that out if you haven’t already.  Like I said before, I’ll be continuously updating it, and hopefully I can get back into the swing of things and actually take a few books off that list!  I’ll try to leave not on future posts if I’ve updated it or finished any books to remind you guys to go check if you’re interested. 

Without further delay, the poems!

Never Again
“Never again!” I screamed into the night –
echoes of my voice, ringing in my ears,
filling my heart with loathing, rageful, spite.

From the shadows, I see myself appear;
a forgotten person, lost long ago –
what went wrong, why I changed, that is unclear.

My double smiles, and nods a “hello”,
its presence haunts; images of before,
reminds me of what I want not to know.

I turn from myself, I plan to ignore
the past – from the life I left behind me;
That is not me, “never again”, I swore.

My shadow follows, I am never free –
recalling things I wish never to see.

"Never Be Back Again" by Vuk Adzic aka vulezvrk on deviantart.com

Once before, I could fly – I could soar
into the clouds.  There was joy before
lightning struck. Forever on the ground,
still alive – but I feel like I’ve drowned
in a pool of my own wretched tears;
I have succumbed to all of my fears.
And as I begin to use my feet,
I feel myself collapse in defeat,
crying out “Why?” to my maker.  Crying
for what’s lost, wishing I was flying,
wishing I was living like the kings –
forever mourning my broken wings.
And life moves on, with or without me,
no matter how much I beg or plea.
I stagger on, keep moving along
without my wings.  And I don’t belong
in a world without the wind – no clouds
to protect me with their silver shroud.
I look up to the sky, see the blue
fantastic world, the places I knew.
And I can almost reach, almost feel
the only heaven I knew was real.

"Feathers" by Michael aka Malachy36 on deviantart.com


7 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #34

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  2. I agree with Blaga. Sad poems do suit your talent. Like ballads suit Luther Vandross. You can do any type emotional poetry however you do excel at the sad. Speaking of sad, the first one was really sad but, it was the image below it that I felt made the poem even darker.

    “And I can almost reach, almost feel the only heaven I knew was real.” These is my favorite lines. That means there is hope!

    • Thank you 🙂 I guess I’m just more intune with my darker emotions haha, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not 😛

      And yeah, I kind of wrote that poem with hope in mind, though it sounds hopeless at times. I also was thinking about an angel being banished from heaven, not that that’s the sort of thing I really think about often, it just sort of popped into my head when I wrote it :).

  3. Your poems were indeed sad but good as always. I thought the second one had a sort of dreamy whistfulness. The first time I read it I lost track of the words and got caught up with the wonderful flow of sounds. It make me think of purple clouds and black feathers and all those wonderfully dark soft things.

    The first poem was harsher, and made me think of sheer cliffs, broken glass and dark rooms. Awesome job, your poems this week really put some solid images in my head!

    • Awesome imagery Saber! I think they suit my poems too 🙂 I actually like my poems this week, sometimes I find that I’m not too happy with them after I post them, but this week I do 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed them!!

  4. I’ll skip the question “Are you okay?”, as I got my answer before to asking :).
    Sad poems really suit you! They come so good, flowing naturally and even though sad the readers enjoy your writing. I like better the second one and the part :”And life moves on, with or without me, no matter how much I beg or plea.” It is a line that will stay with me … lovely poems Cherlyn, thanks for sharing!

    • Hehe yeah I guess sad stuff just comes out easier. And I find that I can tend to get into sad funks more often, I always try to keep optimistic 🙂

      I’m really glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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