Poetry Thursday #33

Hurray it’s Poetry Thursday!  I’m very happy I actually made it to Thursday and had something to post.  For a good portion of the week I still felt pretty sick, and I haven’t been up for doing much to be honest.  But I’m glad to say I’m feeling a bit better, just a cough still (nothing I can’t handle).  Besides some silly emotional crap, I’ve been doing pretty well, so there’s no excuses for not having poems this week.  And I actually made myself sit down and write, and I’m happy I did.  Wow, that was very rambly, sorry about that.  Let’s just skip my rambling and get to the poems!  Let me know what you think!! 

Oh, and remember to check the Coming Soon page for upcoming posts!  Have a great weekend guys!

I am me, and I am plain,
and there is no beauty here
(that you have made very clear).
This fact does not cause me pain.
I still dance within the rain,
letting go of all my fear,
ignoring the hateful jeers.
It will not hurt me again.

Look past my face, see my eyes,
see a person you did not know.
There hides beauty deep below
lurking in this plain disguise.
Look beyond my larger size,
see my soul, see how it glows.
The skin never really shows
the truth; wait to be surprised.

“The Light” by Saber Hodson on deviantart.com

Deep In The Night
Deep in the night, within the sky:
Echoes of a forgotten cry.
The blood once spilt (a darkened stain),
Never washed away with the rain.
Memories of a buried lie.

A scar as one was left to die,
Left alone with their blood to dry.
The ground is tainted with their pain
Deep in the night.

With their concluding, lifeless, sigh,
Whispering their final goodbye,
Accepting fate, for they are slain;
In this life they cannot remain.
And with death they can learn to fly
Deep in the night.

“Lonely” by Lil-Noir on deviantart.com

9 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #33

  1. Let’s take these great poems and hope they make your published work from your bucket list. Let’s also put the bad week behind, just a cough to remind you and look forward to better days.

    Great poems but sad ones. I hope all is right in your world soon! I liked the second poem the most. Joy and pain. What inspirations they can be!

  2. I loved you poems as usual. They were sad this week but somtimes writing it all down can be the best way to get rid of negative emotions. I hope next week is much better for you:)

  3. I guess your not so good week, brought the sadness in your writing, but good you had the motivation to write, words and pictures combine so well and your gift was so enjoyable to read! Just one little remark, you’re not plain, no one with such a soul like yours can be plain … Hugs!

    • Aww thank you very much 🙂 You always seem to know what to say to make me feel a bit better. Someone made me feel kind of ugly this week, and it probably shouldn’t have bothered me so much, because it was someone I barely knew. But even with the negativity I suppose there’s always a positive – at least it gave me inspiration 🙂 thanks again 🙂 You’re a sweetie!

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