My Bucket List

Sorry again for the delay on this post – hopefully after I get 100% better I don’t get sick again for the rest of the season (I can hope, right?).  I think I also need to give myself more time to work on posts, I sometimes forget that life never goes as scheduled.  Anyways, on with the post!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with a “bucket list” or sometimes called a “life list”, it is basically just a list of things I want to do before I die (aka kick the bucket – get it?).  I got the idea from one of Tom Baker’s blog tips and ideas post that he had, so thanks for letting me borrow (or rather, blatantly stealing) one of your ideas Tom!   I’ve seen a lot of these lists around that include things like starting a family, getting married, meeting “Mr. Right”, have children and so-on, and though these things are extremely important desires for me, I decided to make my bucket list something that I have more control over.  Though I very much hope to meet someone who I want to marry, and more importantly, actually wants to marry me, I have only so much control over that situation (which is very little).  So all of my Bucket List items are things that I have control over, they are realistic, tangible and attainable goals – and there are few things that could happen for me to not be able to fulfill these items before I die one day (for example: the Zombie Apocalypse would surely hinder my ability to travel).

With that, here is my bucket list, in no particular order, enjoy!

  1. Start my career within my field
  2. Travel to all the provinces and territories of Canada
  3. Travel Europe – including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, and the UK
  4. Travel to Japan
  5. Travel to all the Northern States of America
  6. Learn Latin
  7. See an Italian Opera
  8. Reach at least level 5 in piano (if I just keep at practicing I’m sure I can get there!)
  9. Go on a cruise (this will be a very big feat indeed, as I am terrified of open water and drowning, and don’t do well with motion sickness)
  10. Visit the Schwarzenegger Museum in Graz (which will happen when I go to Austria)
  11. Attend Oktoberfest in Munich
  12. Learn to play chess (at least well enough to not fail miserably at every game)
  13. Take up photography
  14. Solve a Rubik’s cube without breaking it apart and putting it back together – you know, actually beat it…
  15. Learn to knit
  16. Finish my book bucket list (which I will be making a page of sometime in the near future)
  17. Read all of Shakespeare’s plays
  18. Watch every best picture Oscar winner ever
  19. Kick my overeating habit for good
  20. Meet some of my favourite Internet stars – including: Wheezy Waiter (Craig Benzine), Toby Turner, Phillip DeFranco, That Guy With the Glasses (Doug Walker), and The Spoony One (Noah Antwiler)
  21. Be a constantly regular Blood Donor – for the past few years I’ve donated only once or twice due to time conflicts or me being sick when I supposed to donate, and I would like to donate as much as I can every year from now on.
  22. Finish my novel
  23. Get some of my poetry and/or short stories published
  24. Double my hits for my blog
  25. Adopt a pet from an animal shelter
  26. Buy a house
  27. Take up Yoga
  28. Eat fugu (when I’m travelling in Japan)
  29. Try a cup of kopi luwak coffee (totally stealing this from the film The Bucket List)
  30. Achieve my ideal weight
  31. See a tornado
  32. Volunteer at a local hospice
  33. Get at least one tattoo
  34. Learn to drive a car
  35. Take singing lessons
  36. Meet some of my favourite Bloggers in person one day (a list that will forever keep growing, but for sure right now I’d love to meet Blaga and Tom)

So there you have it, my bucket list.  It will never be complete, because as time goes on and I change, things will be added and things will possibly be removed.  But I think it’s important to have a list of goals to achieve before we pass on, it gives us something to keep living for.


17 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. “29. Try a cup of kopi luwak coffee (totally stealing this from the film The Bucket List)” you must try a cup of kopi luwak coffee! it’s really good and aromatic. maybe you can try to brew them yourself so you can mix-match some add-ons to the bean. go for it! it isn’t one of the world’s most expensive coffee without a reason.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve heard it’s delicious, plus I kind of want to be able to say “I drank the most expensive coffee, which was also pooped out of a catlike animal’s butt” lol. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sweet, I can sort of show you how to knit if you’d like 😛
    Also, my Mom volunteers at the hospice down the street. They need people during the day to cook 😉

  3. That was a fantastic list. And I totally agree, its always good to have goal set forth for yourself, things to accomplish. I am totally with you on all the traveling, there are so many places I would love to go.

  4. Great list Cherlyn. Had I been reading my subscribed blogs I would have known you were better and posting again. Sorry for the delay in stopping by.

    Glad to see you are feeling better! I was enjoying your list, smiling, hoping you get to do all that you want to do and then you lost me at eating fugu!

    Don’t you know that they can’t get rid of all traces of the poison and even while eating it your mouth and throat might go numb — and that’s if it’s prepared correctly. We don’t want to lose you!

    Now let me go back and finish the list…. Okay, the rest of the list is good. Be careful you don’t get too close to the tornado! This is a great list and one I hope you get to finish. Hopefully as you complete and cross off, you will die having done all you want to do before you can think of something else to add — many many years from now!! Good night and onto your poetry post. I already read the first one and it made me sad. I hope that what is making you down stops and you can conquer it.

    • It’s okies 🙂 Thanks for stopping by though!

      As for the Fugu – I know a couple of people who have had it (they have travelled to Japan), and they’ve never had a problem. I think it really depends on how it’s prepared, as in, if it’s prepared properlly. As for the numbness, I’ve never heard that, never while studying it in school, watching programs about it, or reading up on it. I think that whatever you heard is just speculation – because if there is any poison in what you eat, you die, or get extremely, violently ill. But who knows. It’s apparently delicious, and I think there are some risks that just need to be taken 🙂

      Lol I think I need to see a Tornado, I’ve been dreaming of them my whole life, and they both fascinate me and terrify me.

      And I hope some of those things that have gotten me blue go away too 🙂

      • It’s strange because I’ve seen a lot of food network shows about it as well, and I don’t remember that at all. Although I suppose it’s possible, I just don’t think that you know, EVERY person who eats it will have a face that goes numb lol if that was the case, there would probably be a lot less people eating it.

  5. I also want to make my bucket list and then checked it if i already accomplished it .We have some common interest like see an Italian Opera and watch every best picture of Oscar winner ever.. Thanks for sharing your bucket list 🙂

  6. I liked your list, my favourites were things like the movies you want to see and people you want to meet. Going on a cruise may be easier than you think if you can get over your fear of open water. You don’t feel the rocking on ships that size very much or at all so you have a good chance of not getting sick. I also like your goal of photography for obvious reasons hehe. Overall a great list of goals in my opinion! this is somthing I always wanted to do but have never made time for, I admire your commitment to making one.

    • Thanks my friend 🙂 I don’t recall having movies on the list, but I should probably have a totally separate movie bucket list as well now that you mention it! My book bucket list is still in the works, and I’m open for suggestiosn 🙂 If youe ver get around to doing yorus I’d love to see your bucket list too!!

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