Poetry Thursday #31

Good morning!  I am having a hard time believing that October went by so fast – well, at least it went by fast for me anyways.  It has been only a couple of days, and already I’m hearing Christmas music playing in stores.  My store has had some Christmas items on the floor for at least week already!  Geesh, in a few years time they’ll be selling Christmas items by September at this rate.  As much as I enjoy the holiday season, to me this isn’t really the holiday season just yet, and I know that all this extended Christmas merriment will just suck the fun out of the holidays for me.  Hopefully I can keep enough holiday cheer to last me until Christmas, or I will be a total Scrooge. 

Before I forget, I wanted to let everyone know that sometime very soon I will be creating a new page that I will keep updated very frequently about upcoming posts – just to keep you guys updated about what my schedule will be and to give you all a heads up for when to come visit!  Hopefully it will be up by the end of the weekend *crosses fingers*.

As for poems, two as usual this week.  Let me know what you think!  And thanks for stopping by :).

Dousing the Sunrise with Caffeine
Morning: my mug full of mocha flavoured brew,
Warm beams of sunlight; frost melts to dew.
Inhale the toasted, roasted, coffee beans;
feel the cool breeze through the open screen.
A book on my lap, slippers upon my feet,
robe loosely tied, my cat on the opposite seat.
A calming silence before the day begins to wake,
a few moments of bliss so pure I almost ache.

"Coffee" by Ewa Kotowska - check out her website!

Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
A lifeless tone, resonating,
echoing within your ears –
the nearby street lamp shines,
sparkling with your tears.
“If you’d like to make a call
please hang up and try again”
repeating, over and over,
caught within your brain.
You dial all the numbers,
dial all but the last.
How can you call home
after all that has passed?
Dangling lifelessly, the phone
frowns, calling you with its tone –
reminding you, that you made
the choice to be alone.

"Down Town" by Saber Hodson aka midnightreflections on Deviantart.com


11 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #31

  1. Hey, my name Valencia I’m also a poet girl lol. I really enjoyed you blog, cant wait to see your new website. –And I can’t believe October passed so quickly as well, just yesterday I couldv’e thought it was May. Well stop by my blog anytime. See ya there.

    • Hi nice to meet you! I’m glad you enjoy my blog 🙂 I’ll definitely pop over to yours and have a looksie!

      As for the new page reference, it’s just a page on the blog, nothing fancy, wouldn’t know how to do that anyways! lol

  2. I loved both your poems! the coffee one left me wanting starbucks and there isn’t one close so I’m going to be cursing you:P I loked the second one too cause you really made the phone a character, not quite a villian but definetly not the best friend in this picture. nice work!

    As for christmas I know what you mean. I nearly went mad back when I worked at Fortinos in highschool cause in nov they would start playing the x-mas PC commercials right beside me. Wanted to kill somthing.

    • Sorry bout the lack of starbucks. Are you not in BC anymore? Everywhere I went in BC there was a starbucks like every other corner – you must be in the sheltered part of BC lol. Glad you enjoyed them though, and thanks for the photo again 😉

      Lol I remember how much you hated those President’s Choice commercials, although I can feel and understand your pain, you are just so adorable when you’re annoyed that I did enjoy it a bit lol

  3. Because I have an obsession with coffee, I thoroughly enjoyed the first poem. Its funny because it really sums up how I feel sometimes with that first brew of the day, it very calming and very poetic. Both titles today are amazing! The second poem was a nice contrast to the first, and I love how the phone becomes this object that taunts the reader, and the person in the booth. I have always found something unsettling about phone booths, I don’t know why.

    Ps. Come December…all christmas songs on the car radio in mah car! 😀

  4. Here is exactly the same with x-mas …yet is not a proper winter and we have x-mas decoration all over the place, by the time we get to the real x-mas and you’re kind of sick from all the commercial fuss around!
    Lovely poems as usual! I agree with Tom, the second is much more to my liking and since I’m in a bit of like your mood these weeks, so the next call not getting through is what my attitude is right now! And you can send all the cold air to USA, all the way down to California, You have my blessing about it/ Tom nothing against you here :)/ Hugs&Love

  5. I guess I picked the wrong day to stop drinking coffee! Again, both poems were amazing and if my memory serves me, I usually like the first poem better. This time I find the second poem is to my liking more than the first. Don’t get me wrong, both poems are great but there is something optimistic in knowing that the next call might get through. I envision a happy ending from this cold bleak and empty night. Call me crazy!

    Have a great day and try to stay away from tornadoes. You can take this cold Canadian air you sent down here — BACK!

    • Glad you enjoyed both of them Tom 🙂 As for the second poem, I think you’re the first person who’s said that, so that’s an interesting take on it 🙂

      And no, you can keep our cold air lol it’s bout time you guys learned what we deal with lol (besides, that’s nothing! lol)

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