Poetry Thursday #30

Wow – I’ve done 30 Poetry Thursday posts!  I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of myself.  I know there were a few weeks back when I had started this that I didn’t keep up with my poetry writing, but over all I’m really happy I kept up with it.  There’s something extremely cathartic about writing poems, and I know that they’ve helped me express some feelings and thoughts that I have had trouble expressing.  I hope I can have 30 more Poetry Thursday posts!

Two poems as usual, let me know what you think!

No Encore For Me
I’ll hide in the shadows,
shrouding my last breath of hope.
Forfeiting my chance, my time
within the spotlight.
No audience to see me,
no audience to applaud.
I am the understudy
to the main attraction –
to the star upon the stage.
And for all the talent,
all the great things
that make up my entirety –
none are as great as she.
For she has all that I have
and she has more than
I could ever hope for.
All that I am
is a cheaper, no-name brand
comparison to she.
And despite all my envy,
all my longing and pain,
I smile and applaud
from my lonely space backstage.
For she is admiration,
she is confidence and beauty.
She is everything
that I can never be.
And the show must go on without me.

"Hiding From Spotlights" by Faye Lacanila aka FayeYAHEY on deviantart.com

Bred in Captivity
Silence me if you must,
break me down, lose my trust.
Try to hold me back – I dare.
Try to push me into despair.
I can tell you, don’t even try –
you will never make me cry.
You are nothing, nothing at all –
I’m broken, but I can still crawl.
I won’t give you the satisfaction
to give you any type of reaction.
I can swallow all my rage,
I can escape from your cage.
When I am free, you will have no chance –
I’ll be gone without a second glance.

“Let Me Out” by Katiana on deviantart.com

12 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #30

  1. Yet another great Poetry post. Congratulations on reaching 30 PTP’s. Both poems are really great. I’m a huge fan of the first one, No Encore For Me. I can’t really explain it, but it spoke to me. I just want you to know that you are not a no name brand. You are designer in my book.

    • Thanks Tom, I’m looking forward to keeping up with my PTPs 🙂

      I’m really glad you enjoyed them this week. And aww, thanks, I dont feel designer, but I appreciate that anyways 🙂

  2. I loved your poems (as always, you’re so talented) the first was my favourite. Just like everyone has been saying you can really relate to that feeling. I can think of lots of times and people that I’ve felt that way about. As you said I never hate them, I just admire them.

    It’s kinda depressing when you look at them and feel envy and yet for some reason I always want to find a way to be around them more. Maybe It’s the idea that if you spend time with them it’ll rub off on you or somthing. Like Eau de Bruce Willis will make you an awesome action star, and you’ll look really cool when you shoot people.

    We should start bottleing people. People could buy things like J-lo’s ass or Jim Carrey’s facial expressions. Or we could use them to take over the world!!

  3. There is a universality to both poems, because they represent emotions that everyone feels. To start, I love both titles (what is with me and titles, haha). The first one is very lovely, and heartbreaking at the same time, and it is very relatable, of that feeling of envy to someone else. I find it funny that we always see the better in other people ( i might be generalizing here, but this is just how I feel) and its harder to realize our own true merits, and what makes us great. I love the format of the first poem as well!

    The second has a strength to it, of not being bullied into a corner; they are both very relatable poems for me, and I love when I read something that makes me look at myself. Excellent Job, and heres to 30 more poetry thursdays!!!

    • sometimes you and I are on totally the same wavelengths. I like how with the first one it’s not really being bitter about the other person, but more of a sad admiration of them. I know that at times I’ve been envious of the amazing people around me, and though I may from time to time wish I could be like them or was them – I dont resent them for being themselves. I love them 🙂

    • Hmm yeah it can be 🙂

      I dont believe happiness is ever a definite thing. To me, happiness is very small, short moments in life that end as abruptly as they came. So might as well find something enjoyable out of something unpleasant, because once we find true happiness, it’ll be gone – and it can take a life time to find it again.

  4. I’ve been thinking an hour ago… it’s thursday and where is my Thursday poetry from Cherlyn 🙂 I relate thursdays to your two lovely poems you always post.. Today I sense a bit of sadness here, but your words are always so well put together! I like better the first one! To envy is not something good, but sometimes we do it without to notice it, and it’s in the human side of us to wish for things we don’t have, but other people have! Well done! And happy 30th poetry week, many more to come 🙂 !

    • Yeah my posts tend to go up around 8am my time, so I’m guessing that’s early afternoon your time right? And that’s sweet you relate thursdays to my poems! 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed them as well; I think a constant theme between both of them is being punished for being who you are – whether you punish yourself because you aren’t as good as someone else, or someone else punishing you for trying to be who you are. And you’re absolutely right, to envy is very human of us.

      Thanks for stopping by 😀

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