Poetry Thursday #29

Good morning my lovelies!  I am very excited for this weekend for two reasons.  The first reason: sleep.  I am so exhausted, I definitely need a good morning to sleep in.  Second reason: Paranormal Activity 2 comes out!  Huzzah!  Knowing my luck it’ll probably blow more chunks than I did on that ride in La Ronde back in grade 9 (sorry Sara!), but I don’t care, I’m just really excited to see what they did with it.  And hey, if it is really, really gawd-awful, then maybe it’ll be one of those so bad it’s hilarious type of movies.  I suppose you’ll have to wait and see what I thought of it on Monday! 

Two poems, as usual.  The first is actually a kind of “remake” of a much older poem I had written back in first year college.  I wasn’t overly happy with it, so I kind of rewrote it so-to-speak.  I’m still not 100% satisfied with it, but I guess it’ll be a continuous work in progress as my writing style changes.  Let me know what you think!  Enjoy and have a good weekend!

But It Was Too Late (redone)
Our backs – both wounded and bloody,
a knife rests within our spines.
Literally taking our words to heart,
neither reading between the lines.

I place the blame on you alone,
but my hands too, are painted red.
I’ll never admit it – but I wish
I could take back those things I said.

A friendship beaten and buried,
and all that’s left: two arrogant souls.
We walked away, said bitter goodbyes,
both ignoring that neither were whole.

For you come and beg forgiveness,
patiently, arrogantly, I would wait –
until I realized what I was missing,
what I had done.  But  it was too late.

“Its Too Late” by Ashes-Lips on deviantart.com

Alla Breve
Life: it never misses a beat,
it never falters, never fails –
a rhythmic duple meter and repeat.

It moves along through our tales,
despite the obstacles and woes;
the beat continues as we derail.

The measure may not stop, but it slows,
allows us to pick up our feet,
to get back into the rhythmic flow.

And though we may feel defeat,
life will always keep the beat.

“Running Out of Time” by xSacred-Dreamsx on deviantart.com

10 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #29

  1. Hi there ! Just wanted to tell you that I tried and googled my deviantart name, “Ashes-Lips”, and that I found a link to this page. At first I didn’t understand and then it made my day to see a photo of me that you liked and posted here ! So thank you 🙂 and I like these two poems. I’ll come back to visit your blog later, but right now it’s late here in France…
    Have a nice day Cherlyn !

    • Hey! Glad you enjoyed the poems, and I’m glad it’s ok that i used your photo. I always give credit to the artists, because their artwork often inspires my poetry! 🙂 France eh? That’s fancy! (I’m from Canada, so yeah, I’m a bit jealous lol). Have a nice day as well!

  2. I really liked the second poem and how you used time keeping in music to describe life. How there are ups and downs but it always keeps going. It also kinda remeinded me of those awful days in gr. 8 music class and how bad I was haha. Great poems as always!

    • Thanks Saberino! 🙂 Thats exactly my thought process! If you could see me now, I would be doing that wavy hand thing that Chandler does to Racel in “The One With Rachel’s Crush” (you know, when he’s drunk and all)! And you weren’t bad in music! At least you could play the flute better than I could 😀

  3. I found it interesting how relatablle both poems were. I felt like they both dealt with time; time in which revelations occur of past mistakes, and the second was a more detailed look at how time functions, our our placement in the fabric of time. I keep getting allusions to war or battle with the first few lines of the first poem; of this symbolic blood that is spilled between people when an argument happens; its very impressive that you can conjur up a strong sense of loss and the feelings that go with it; very impressive indeed.

  4. It amazed me what people can do with words. I agree with Blaga, the first poem is great and I like how the second poem, Alla Breve shows how important each person is and also how small we are in the grand scheme of life as time marches on.

    • Thank you Tom! I’m glad people enjoy my work, sometimes I get so self conscious about it that I almost don’t want to share it; I’m glad people are so receptive though 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Cherlyn, even though you say you’re not satisfied with the first poem I loved it! Both are good as usual, always something new to learn and feel from your words! Thanks for sharing! Waiting for Monday review, will see today Let me in 🙂 xoxox

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