Poetry Thursday #28

Another Poetry Thursday, hurray!  Sorry this is going up a bit later than it normally would.  I’ve been very tired the past few days, and never got around to scheduling it like I normally would.  Lesson learned: I need more coffee.  Well, maybe that’s not necessarily the right lesson, but it works.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy the poems this week – let me know!  Oh, and remember, another review will be going up this Sunday – hurray! 

For the day to pass, I wait
patiently to see your face.
Hoping – wishing – to test fate,
helplessly dreaming for you embrace.

Feeling things I can’t explain –
butterflies within my chest
for a face without a name;
I cannot think, I cannot rest.

I see something within those eyes,
something deep within your smile:
a spark that makes me want to fly,
to linger blissfully for a while.

“Coffee is Love” by Nina Doljak aka DogOnFire on deviantart.com

Red Light/Green Light
Motionless in the street,
unable to move my feet.
Pedestrians pass me by,
I cannot follow, will not try –
I am trapped on the concrete.

Headlights dance across my face,
the red light waits, I stand in place;
knowing that to come is green
and with it, moving metal machines,
soon to take me in their embrace.

Time ticks on, and it begins to rain,
slowly washing away the stains.
Arms stretched out to the sky,
to the world I say my last goodbye.
Green light – the end, there is no pain.

“Traffic Light” by Zeroeminence on deviantart.com

12 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #28

  1. Covet is an amazing piece of work. It brought me back to my first weeks with April. Red Light/Green Light was ominous and got me to hoping all is well in your world. I know that people who are creative like yourself don’t necessarily write about what they are thinking but perhaps anything could trigger the writing process.

    It’s just freaky when someone I don’t have any physical contact with springs the suicide theme out there. I know you are doing well, because you told me so. Either way it was still a good poem but I must reiterate, Covet is something special.

    I’m falling asleep as I write this so if any of or none of this comment makes sense, charge it to my head and not my heart. Good night.

    • I’m really glad that you enjoyed the poems this week! It’s really interesting to me that I wrote Covet when I was in a pretty unhappy mood, while I wrote Red Light/Green Light while I was in a good mood. Sometimes I never know what will come out when I start writing poetry.

      Thank you again for asking if I’m ok, and I assure you that I am 🙂 I appreciate the concern though! I suppose I can understand why someone would be worried. Red Light/Green Light was kind of inspired by the rain that morning, and kind of inspired by a story I may or may not write one day.

      I’m really glad you enjoyed Covet! I think that one is pretty special to me too!

      Don’t worry, what you said made sense to me! Although, it is about 4am and I’m pretty sleepy, so maybe neither of our messages make sense, but since we’re both tired, we understand them….Ok I know that last sentence made no sense lol. Have a good day! 😀

  2. The important is that you’re ok! Busy is good! Maybe you should ask this someone for his name, to put a bit of taste to his face! 🙂

    • I suppose you’re right, busy is good – just have to reschedule all my other stuff! lol And yeah I probably should ask his name, I’m very bad with that sort of thing – but I suppose I shouldn’t just call him “the coffee man” lol

      • “The coffee man” name will do just fine until you learn his real name 🙂 ! I still call friend of mine “The Puertorican guy” because I was calling him like this before we met officially and the nickname somehow stayed even after that 🙂
        It’s very nice to see lovely comments from you on my posts! I’ve missed your words these days! 🙂 Have a good weekend Cherlyn! And stay safe and happy!

    • Haha I have a feeling if I learn his name he’ll still be “the coffee man” too lol It’s just so fitting!

      Sorry again for not being able to comment for a few days, I’m trying to get organized and keep on top of everything! I hope you have a great weekend as well!

      • Don’t be sorry! We all get busy! And sometimes things have priorities 🙂 ! I’m going away tomorrow, just a small trip to the town next door for a day! Talk soon!

  3. Hi Cherlyn! I’ve missed you 🙂 ! I love both poems, but the first one grabbed my heart .. I guess because I too dream about this face without name that will bring butterflies in my chest ! Hope everything is ok with you!

    • Hello! 🙂 I hope you are doing well! I’ve miss you too, I have so many of your poems to catch up on, I’ve been busy – sorries! I’m glad you enjoyed my poems too; the first one I worte actually about someone I see occasionally, but don’t know their name – he’s just very very dreamy lol. Everything is great with me, thank you for asking!

  4. there is something very hopeful/blissful about the first poem, and something very menacing about the second. For me the first poem put me at ease, and made me thing of something that I long for each day, I guess those small things that put me at peace, that relax me. I felt like it could be about a person, or even just something that allows escape. And then the second poem i am still thinking about. I know something happened when the red light changed to green, but I don’t know the details of said event, or event who/what it happened to. It a very ambigous poem, which i love because I am still contemplating it, trying to make sense of it…it was very moving.

    • Thanks for the very thoughtful comment my friend! Yeah I wrote the first one last night, and the second one this morning. I guess my moods have been all over the place! Actually the second one is kind of inspired by a possible short story I may or may not write one day. I’m glad you enjoyed them, and I’m really glad that they made you ponder the meaning for a while! 🙂

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