Poetry Thursday #27

Another Thursday of poetry goodness!  Hurray!  I’ve been trying to keep to my writing schedule, and hopefully that now that I’m done work so early in the morning, I can use those quiet afternoons when my parents aren’t home to my advantage.  I am sorry for posting my review of Trick ‘r Treat much later on Sunday than I really wanted to.  That’s my fault really, I haven’t been sleeping well, and ended up just not feeling up to writing it.  Also, I was supposed to watch Asylum last Saturday after my orientation but something came up (an awesomely unexpected visit from my cousin), and I just ended up not getting around to it.  Sorry though!  The Asylum review will be going up around 9am on Sunday, so there’ll be plenty of time to read it.   

Two poems again this week, I hope you enjoy them, let me know what you think!  

To the touch I’m cold as ice,
too long since I’ve felt the heat.
It’s been ages since I’ve been loved,
since my heart knew how to beat. 
You can sense me, for I am here,
but no longer do I know how to feel.
There is nothing – just the numbing
tingling, leftovers of what was real.
No longer do I feel the want, the need;
I do not know desire or lust.
I would try to love again, but
I’m afraid my heart has begun to rust.  

"Rusted" by Saber Hodson aka midnightreflections on deviantart.com - Check out her blog "What's up with That!?!", link on the sidebar!


Dear John
He came home at quarter past four –
to find a home with an open door.
Her things removed from open drawers –
she did not live here anymore.  

He wandered through this empty place,
nothing there, just open space –
trying to find some sort of trace
or a memory of her face.  

Whispers painted on the walls,
echoes coming from the halls –
still he could not recall
where their love began to fall.  

A letter, he hoped he had misread,
filling him with a sense of dread –
knowing she was with him instead.
Just one word – “Goodbye”, it said.  

"Ripped Off" by Jonathan Cordova aka juanquapha on deviantart.com


11 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #27

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  2. I really liked both you poems, Dear John really got me. You always find such great photos, the one for dear john is so perfect from the line hand written to the cumpled paper really made me picture him getting angry and crumpleing it up when he first reads it. great poems!!

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed them my good friend! I’m also glad you like the photos I paired with the poems, I know you have a much a better eye for that sort of thing than I do. Plus, the photographer for the rust one is just so amazing 😀 lol 🙂

  3. I loved “Rust” …. I won’t go into details why, but I loved it! You seem to have the talent to read my mind from very faraway 🙂 I like that! And I’m sure I’ve said it before, because this is not the first time when your poem matches my thoughts! Good job!

  4. I love “rust” alot. for some reason it felt like a wizard of oz allusion to me, of the tin man without a heart; it was like a character study, a side of the tin man you don’t see, his dark/saddened side. and it also was chalk full of really beautiful images for me; as I read I kept picturing what I was reading, which was wonderful.

    And dear john was so heartbreaking as well. there is something so simple in the letter he finds, just saying “goodbye”. Its funny, how just one or two words that can hurt us so much. And I also thought it was interesting in how we are not the only one’s wondering what happened between John and his girl, he himself is at a loss too. It was nice connecting with the protagonist of the poem.


    • Wizard of Oz eh? That’s really interesting, the thought never occured to me when I was writing but I like the idea of it. And it does fit well too.

      You’re right, sometimes just one word can mean so much. Whether it be yes, no, goodbye, or hello. Thank you very much my good friend 🙂

  5. Ouch! Dear John hurt to the core. It’s funny but I could feel his pain grow with every line I read. I really thought Rust was well thought out and very clever. Rust is my favorite of the two and as usual the photo is perfect.

    Don’t give up on love, just some oil and a scouring pad can remove the rust from that heart in no time! Great works Cherlyn. I’m glad you enjoyed the time you had with your cousin. Family is more important than blogging!

    Waiting patiently for your blogroll page… or am I? Do you need a fire lit under your butt (that’s was a joke)? You promised to steal my idea, but I haven’t seen anything yet. Have a great day and I have an email to send you today. Ciao bella.

    • I enjoyed writing Dear John, I haven’t done too much work (especially with poetry) that’s more from a male perspective. Despite that, I know how it feels.

      Rust is probably my favourite of the two as well, it’s more personal to me. The photo is great – you should check out Saber’s photos if you get some free time.

      Haha when i read “scouring pad” I instantly cringed – that would totally hurt in the literal sense lol. I know what you meant, but my mind always goes “there” first haha.

      I know i know, I’ve been bad with my blogroll page. I’ve been trying to decide if I should have that as well as my inks on the sidebar, or remove the blog links from the sidebar and just have a blogroll. Plus I’ve just been lazy lol. And hopefully you wont need to light a fire under my butt! lol have a good one! 🙂

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