A Day With Gerard

It’s October 1st, and we all know what that means – in just 30 days it will be Halloween!  I absolutely love this time of year.  It’s autumn here in Canada – and in Ontario, we have a gorgeous autumn.  The trees turn vibrant shades of orange, red, and yellow, and despite the cool weather, it has a warm cozy feel to it.  I also love Halloween.  I wish I was young enough to go trick or treating (not that my age stopped me and my friend knocking on a few doors last year).           

October is probably my favourite month of the year, for us Canadians, we have our Thanksgiving, and that is another one of my favourite times of year.  Hmm I can almost taste the turkey and the stuffing.             

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” src=”http://view1.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/7696470/sugar-maple-leaves-forest/sugar-maple-leaves-forest.jpg?size=500&imageId=7696470″ width=”234″ height=”362″ /]   One thing I’ve noticed with October though, is the mix of emotions that it seems to bring.  Whether it is fear from all the scary movies playing, or sadness and longing from all those students off alone at school, missing home.  There’s joy and there’s anger.  There’s just about everything wrapped up into this one month.  Maybe that’s just how October feels for me, but I’m sure everyone has that one month they love.            

With all those deep complex emotions that October brings me, I thought I’d share a short story I had written back in grade 12.  Some of you may have read this, some may not have.  In either case, I just wanted to give a small warning that I wrote this when I first started to explore the darker regions of my creativity.  It is a dark story, it’s very emotional, and it’s possible that it may bother a few people.  Just in case, I want to apologize in advance if you do not like things that are quite this dark.  And on that note, I want to clarify that I am definitely not a dark person from my day-to-day life – I just feel it’s healthy to explore different aspects of my mind, my deep dark thoughts, those forbidden wonders, and the darkness that invades all our minds from time to time.             

Additionally, I hope everyone who reads this will keep an open mind, and let me know what they honestly think.  Criticisms, both positive and negative, can be very helpful if they’re constructive!  I encourage any suggestions someone may have!   I posted it in a PDF file to save space on my post, if you wish to read it but don’t have an acrobat reader, let me know and I’d be glad to email it to you in another format!     

Oh, and one more thing, I had written a poem posted a while ago which is a sort of accompaniment piece to this story; I have posted the link below as well.     

Click here to Read “A Day With Gerard”         

Read the accompaniment poem “His Mother’s Legacy“, originally posted on Poetry Thursday #14, posted June 24, 2010         




"Don't Look in the Basement" by Anthony Presley aka Demonflame on deviantart.com



8 thoughts on “A Day With Gerard

  1. I just read your short story, it’s really good. You have a real talent as a writer. I was really caught up in the character of Gerard as I was reading, I didn’t want it to end when it did! You did a great job of developing his character, I found myself empathizing with this crazy murderer.
    It`s funny, I had just pulled this story up on my computer screen to read it when you knocked on my door! Yes I will go for coffee later 😀
    Keep writing!

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  3. I have read A Day With Gerard. Very descriptive story! I don’t think I would like to meet Gerard. He sounds like a text book case for Criminal Minds. This story is not as dark as I had imagined it might be. I pictured it might be a gruesome Halloween tale. You have excellent writing skills and I am jealous.

    I have the idea now for a possible collaboration but you might not go for it. I will email you the details and you can decide then. What I find sad about your story is that while everyone abused like Gerard does not become a serial killer, so many real kids are mentally and physically abused by their parents and have to carry that baggage around all their lives. Great work Cherlyn!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I was actually worried that you wouldnt like it, so that made my day :). I dont think it’s that gruesome either, but I thought I’d warn people just incase 🙂

      I’m excited to hear what the collaboration idea is, and I’ll let you know what I think.

      have a great day Tom!

  4. I just read your post but I have an appointment at 2:45 so I have to leave soon. October is a transitional month. I’m not a fan of the colder weather. It means lots of changes for me. As a matter of fact, I just wrote a post about it and then I moved it to November because my every other day of posting for October is already filled.

    I remember my favorite costume when I went trick or treating was an American Indian. I will download your story, read it and get back to you when I get home later. I noticed you used PicApp. Good for you! If I don’t get back to you today, I will let you know what I think tomorrow.

    Have a wonderful weekend Cherlyn.

    • Yeah a lot of people don’t seem to be a fan of the colder weather, but from a clothing perspective, I adore wearing cardigans, sweaters, cute coats, and basically anything with layers. But yeah, the cold can be a downer too – really bad for my hair and skin. Lol I can be such a girl about things lol. I adore scary films, and all things macabre that October brings – not sure why, I guess that’s just who I am :).

      Yeah thanks for the suggestion for PicApp! I find they don’t always have things that I want for my posts, but I check regularly and sometimes it’s really helpful. I’m trying to use it more; maybe I’ll upgrade my camera and try taking my own photos too. Hopefully you enjoy the story!

      Hmm I dont really have a favourite halloween costume, I was a boring child – usually went as the same thing every year lol.

      Have a great weekend as well Tom! Great to hear from you!

  5. I forgot how fantastic that story was. I love how throughout it you drop tidbits of information about the missing people, but it becomes back ground noise because we are so interested and involved with learning about Gerard. And then at the end, it doesn’t feel forced when we find out that he is the abductor, it all makes sense, and its very powerful. And what I love too is the ending is very open ended, and ambiguous because we are left wondering what takes place after the final words of the piece. I just love this story, you are a fantastic writer!!

    • thanks Ryan! I get really nervous with my written work, but you’ll never know what people will think until you put yourself out there. I’m sure a few people won’t be interested in this story, but its ok, it’s kind of a weird story 🙂 Thanks for nice comment 🙂

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