Poetry Thursday #26

Good morning!  This is going up a bit later than I really intended it to.  I’ve been feeling a bit tired the past few days, and I ended up sleeping in quite a bit later than I really wanted.  I mean, 9 am isn’t that late, but it’s not something I should get used to – especially considering I got a seasonal position at Indigo, which I’m very happy about!  Sure, it’s only seasonal right now, but you never know what will happen later.  Besides, it’s very close to home, and I get to work at a bookstore!  I love books!  Plus, this will help me pay off some debt, and hopefully save up for Christmas, the cluster of birthdays coming up, and the medical terminology class I need to take.  Anyways, this position will have me starting at 5am, so yeah, my sleeping pattern will be a bit messed up for a bit.  No more 1am nights I can tell you that right now.  I’m hoping this won’t mess up my October schedule for my blog (which I will be explaining in tomorrow’s super special post – which I hope to get tons of feedback about *hint hint*). 

As for today’s poems, I have two as usual.  I always want to write more, but I find that I spend a lot of extra time with my poems, or write one then decide I don’t like it and scrap it and end up back at stanza 1!  Oh well, that’s what happens when you’re anally retentive like myself.  The first poem, though probably not my best work, I really like it a lot.  I was inspired this week after my Post Hoc, Ergo Proctor Hoc post that I had up on Sunday; with all the talk about video games, it made me think about my quasi abandoned video games – with other stuff going on, I haven’t had time to play.  I picked up my favourite game of all time, Chrono Trigger, and played a bit the other day.  That, and a combination of listening to the cd Chronotorious by the Bad Dudes (which I intend to buy very soon after I get some money), as well as considering darker character studies, I decided to write a poem about my favourite character Magus from my favourite game.  I also suppose I was a bit inspired by one of the songs from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, but, that movie is so awesome it inspires much of what I do.  I wrote it as though it was before you really encounter him in the game, but overall it doesn’t really matter if you don’t know who he is.  He’s a complex character, for a good portion of the game he is a villain, but as with most dark or villainous characters, he is very much more than just his dark exterior.  I really love the villains in games, books or movies, though I can’t always relate to them, they are usually the most interesting character.  Hmm, maybe I’ll have to do a Top 10 in the near future.  

Anyways, I posted some links if you wanted to do a bit more reading about him, if not, I hope you enjoy the poems, and let me know what you think!  Oh, and remember to check back tomorrow ;)! 

Retribution, Then Redemption
Through the darkness and the flames,
I have brought destruction and pain –
and all shall bow under my domain,
nothing shall ever be the same.
And no one knows my real name… 

My soul lurks within what you cannot see,
a darkness so pure, yet so foul –
the monster inside is on the prowl,
and I don’t care what they think of me.
I don’t care for anyone – except for she… 

This wind scene has kept me confined,
but I have not faltered, not lost my way –
and I shall have vengeance one day;
this world will no longer be benign.
There is nothing, nothing here that is mine… 

I shall take this kingdom, sit upon its throne,
the era of the Fiendlord is at hand –
the darkest minions I shall command;
they will know terror they have never known.
And I hope one day I can atone… 

I am almost positive this is by Julie Dillon; the image is no longer on her gallery, but the artwork is similar to this one, and I've seen other websites reference her as well. Check out her amazing gallery! If I am incorrect, please give me the name and url of the correct artist so I can give them credit!


Catch the Rain
Grasp the rain fall, hold it tight –
you almost can feel it, but not quite.
The more you catch, the more it slips –
you can see it fall from your fingertips.
Cry for your failure, weep and moan –
it’s all right, because you are all alone.
But don’t stop reaching for the rain –
fight through the failure and the pain.
Impossible, perhaps – but you should try;
you will never know if you just comply.
This task you may never fully complete,
but never, ever, accept defeat. 

"Catch the Rain" by Rena aka xxsanelunaticxx on deviantart.com


10 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #26

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  2. I really liked both your poems, so much raw emotion!

    oddly enough I started singing the one about magus in my head:S I’m really not sure what that was about but it kinda works, you should try it.

    • When I read “raw emotion” the line from 10th kingdom near the end that the naked emperor says, which I think is “annnnnnnimmmmalll power” (or something like that), went through my head lol.

      I’m glad you liked the Magus one, I suppose it could work in a song! Neat!

  3. Your poetry is so beautiful. Both these poems are really powerful in their emotions. I really enjoyed the second one, never accept defeat!! :p

  4. Catch the Rain, excuse my phraseology, is da bomb! I love it. I can see multiple people trying to catch the rain.

    I don’t know if there is a name for it, but I have a very active imagination and I see in my mind what I am reading or what people are saying. Someone once called me an empath. I think they got that from Star Trek and not a real word. Anyway, when I read your poem, that is what I saw. People trying not to give up on grasping the rain and the rain turned out to be their dreams/

    Thanks for sparking my imagination today. Take care Cherlyn.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Empath’s are real things – though not necessarily as Star Trekky. You just have a strong sense of empathy.

      Thanks for stopping by Tom! Take care.

  5. i love the picture you used for the first poem, its so fastasy like, I really dig it. It was interesting to read the two because for me I found them both to be on the same wavelenght, of wanted to have power over something, to be in control of something. I know I always seem to compare the poems you post, but I find as an artist I like to compare and contrast between the work of other artists (such as youself) to see how the multiple works speak to each other. The tone of both were quite different, one was more villianous, while the second was more of a never give up hero attitude, it was a nice paring. It was interesting how you said the villian is usually one of the more interesting characters for you, because I find that in horror films the monster is super interesting for me because the film is about their actions, and you really want to know why they are doing the things they do. The villian is sometimes such a mysterious chararcter you become enthralled with them.

    incase the relpy doesn’t say, this is Ryan 😀

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them Ryan! Yeah, I suppose they both can be connected; if you are comparing them for the same character, perhaps they are in chronological order – at first, when he is angry, and being consumed by vengeance – and then afterwards, when he becomes an ally for the party, even though he doesn’t care for them, he still doesn’t give up hope for finding his sister.

      The monster is always more interesting, considering most horror movies have protagonists who are idiots that make bad decisions lol.

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