Poetry Thursday #24

Hello my lovelies!  It is very dark and very rainy where I am today, but that’s all right – I’m not going to let some rain bring my mood down.  I did not get that job that I had that interview for, which was a bit of a bummer because I really wanted it, but no matter – life moves on and so will I.  So besides it being Poetry Thursday, I am spending the next few days getting my resumes ready, and mapping out where I want to go to drop off my resumes.  Busy, busy!  And besides that, I have a very large book that needs to be read…Ryan gave me the book Under the Dome by Stephen King which is rather large (a bit over 1000 pages), and I have only made a bit of a dent in it.  It’s a Stephen King book, you never know if it’ll come to life and kill you in your sleep or anything like that.  So even extra busy fighting the evil powers of a rather large book!  luckily I had already written a post for Saturday, so hurray! 

Just as a note for Saturday’s post – it’s very much an opinion piece, and I will probably say a few things that people don’t agree with it (that’s life right?), and I say clearly multiple times that it’s only my opinion.  I just wanted to give a warning, and a bit of a note that I’m not trying to start an argument, or a heated debate, and anything I find particularly offensive on my comments will probably be removed – so I’d really appreciate it if people would be civil :).  Not that I think anyone in particular won’t be civil, because everyone who comments on my blog is full of awesome-sauce.   Can you tell how super paranoid I am about offending people and people getting mad at me?  Sometimes I sing ♫Why can’t we be friends♫ and rock back-and-forth on the floor…

Nah, I don’t do that, that would be just about the saddest and creepiest thing I could do. 

I apologize for my random bursts of rambly hyperness – I haven’t even had my coffee yet.  I guess I’m like my cat Cleo – when it starts raining I start acting a little off.

Anywho, I have two poems this week, so hopefully you enjoy them, let me know what you think!

Deploring Dreams
I did not notice my despair,
or my unending internal regret.
But slowly I began to become aware
of the face I could not forget.
The smile that could melt my soul –
those eyes of a sea-like hue.
And I have yet to feel as whole
as when I spent my time with you.
Perhaps with time the wounds will heal,
and all I’ve done will be redeemed;
but maybe regret is how I’ll always feel –
and I will be left within this dream.

"What If.." by Sanya Khomenko on deviantart.com

Happiness is Only Small Perfect Moments
The bustle of the coffee place,
and the gentle hum of people near;
full of people – patrons and cashiers –
my worries will slowly be erased.
I sip from my mug, my favourite brew
and listen as I close my eyes;
the atmosphere melts my disguise –
all I am, you can see right through.
I drink a roast that is dark,
but who I am is not the same.
I am content, I have no shame –
and I ignore the harsh remarks.
I am attune with my darker side,
but it does not mean I cannot smile.
You pity and worry, all the while
I am happy – more than I implied.
A simple moment that comes and goes
of pure joy – a moment just to me –
fills me with warmth you cannot see;
I feel better than you suppose.
You say you see “my pain”, that you care –
but watch me smile when I’m alone
you’ll see I’m happier than I’ve shown,
and I can work through my own despair.
When I sip this coffee – my only drink –
sitting alone in my favourite spot,
and all my worries are long forgot –
you’ll see I’m happier than you think.

"Happy Coffee :D" by FrannyBunny on deviantart.com


11 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #24

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  2. The poems were nice as usual but I am stuck on what your post might be for this weekend. You seem really concerned. I wonder if the poems are a clue? You have a good night Cherlyn, coffee lover…

    • Haha I’m probably being worried for no reason. I just don’t like conflicts, and I hope I dont start one! haha. And nah, my poems aren’t a clue, although maybe down the road they may inspire an opinion piece. Night!

  3. its a wonderful paring of poems, the first one has this feeling of something lost, and as spoken throughout, this sense of regret, and then the second has this more peaceful tone, a time to be at one with yourself, and be removed from the world. You have kinda summed up how i feel when I go for coffee as well.

  4. I was a big anti-rain person few months ago ,but lately I actually feel happy when it rains ,even though here in Greece, in hot Athens/I love hot :)/ we get rain very rare …someone said to me it’s because I’ve reached peace with myself …think of the rain as drops falling to feed your skin with life,it does help …Can’t wait to read your saturday post, you definitely got me curious with your introduction about it … I like the first poem better,maybe because I too,even though moved on with things, have few regrets left because of dreams half way true … Wishing you good luck with your job interviews!

    • I’m not really anti-rain, I’m not necessarily pro-rain either haha. It just foiled some plans of mine, but oh well, that’s life right? haha. And I’m very jealous – I would love to visit Greece! One day I’ll get to go there.

      I’m nervous for my saturday post to be honest haha, not sure why. I guess I just don’t want people to get offended, though I dont think anyone will (at least I hope not lol). Yeah I really like my first one too, I often ask myself “what if?” which can be silly, because I suppose I’ll never know. but sometimes I cant help it.

      Thanks! I hope I find a job soon lol!

      • If you decide to visit Greece give me a call 🙂 …
        My poem for tomorrow is called “What if ….?” ,Today I had a good day and it was really nice and hot so I chose something called “I love you life” …People that love you and care about you will not be offended by you 🙂 don’t be nervous 🙂

    • If I do ever go to Greece I will definitely drop you a line – though that probably wont be for some time anyways. Maybe I’ll hitch a ride with my friend who has family out in Greece – that or hide in her luggage lol.

      I’ll try not to be nervous lol its hard because I get nerbvous so easily sometimes! lol I’ll definitely take a look at your poem tomorrow too!

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