Top 15 Favourite Songs from Musicals

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I really love musicals.  Something about the delightfully jaunty campy goodness that they encompass just makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.  Who hasn’t ever wondered “What would my life be like if it were a musical?”…well I’m sure a lot of people have never wondered that, but that’s not the point.  Musicals are the most unrealistic type of film imaginable, and that’s why I love it so much.  I don’t have to sit there and think about the message it’s trying to convey, because it’s all about the entertainment, and the emotions that it creates.  I had a hard time picking an order for these songs too, because I just love them all so much.  So let us get to it – my Top 15 Favourite Songs from Musicals!       

Oh, just as a note – the images will link you to a youtube video of the song if you’re interested – I didn’t want to have so many videos on my post today because I did that earlier this week.        

15. The Producers – Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop
I know a lot of people who didn’t actually like this film, and I can kind of understand why.  I know a few people who didn’t know it was a musical, or thought it was a bit long.  Despite it being a long film, I really enjoyed it,  mostly because Nathan Lane is just so adorable.  Will Ferrell is definitely an actor I tend to avoid, but I really enjoy him in this film.  He’s over the top like he always is, but this character really should be outrageous and over the top.  And he does a great job playing a secondary character, and this song is just so hilarious.  The glee all over his face just makes me laugh every time, with Matthew Broderick’s great physical comedy as well, this song just sticks out to me.       

Favourite Line (Since the song is in German, I just picked my favourite line during the scene): “Hitler – there was a painter.  He could paint an entire apartment in one afternoon – two coats”.      


14. Chicago – Cell Block Tango
This is actually a film I’m not a complete fan of.  It was well done, and I thought the acting was great, but other than that, it’s definitely not my favourite movie.  However, I love this song.  I really prefer it over the original broadway version too (which is really rare).  It’s edgier, it’s sexier, and it’s darker.  I love the choreography and the overall momentum of the song.  I’ll pop this into my DVD player just to watch this scene.        

Favourite Line: ♫ And then he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife ten times. ♫      


13. Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life – Every Sperm is Sacred
I know some people wouldn’t consider this a musical film per se, and those people can bite me.  There’s quite a few musical numbers in this film, so in my books, it’s a musical.  I had a hard time picking between this song and The Galaxy Song – because both are great.  This song definitely gets stuck in my head though, so I have to give it props for being able to do that.  Plus it is just so raunchy and dirty, and that naughty part of me loves it.      

Favourite Line: ♫ Every sperm is sacred.  Every sperm is good.  Every sperm is needed, in your neighbourhood. ♫      


12. Sound of Music – Edelweiss
The Sound of Music is such an amazing film, anyone who hasn’t seen it needs a smack.  All things considered, a lot of films that came out in this era kind of bother me, mostly because I can’t relate to the mandates of the film.  This is one of those few films that just manages to be entertaining for a number of generations.  I had a hard time picking a song in this film too.  This is probably my favourite because I like the idea that it was written specifically for the film, and I think it’s a really romantic sounding song – it’s both content, and sad in a yearning sort of way.  Christopher Plummer sings it beautifully, and the romantic girl in me kind of falls in love with him when I hear this song.       

Favourite Line: ♫ Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow – Bloom and grow forever. ♫      


11. Hairspray – You Can’t Stop the Beat
I almost didn’t put Hairspray on my list at all.  I haven’t watched it since before I left for college three years ago.  Ryan used to play the soundtrack all the time, and I did get a bit sick of it.  Out of all the songs, this is one that I will still listen to regularly on my mp3 player though.  It’s a great climatic song, and the energy is just amazing.  The musical itself is really entertaining, and if you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend it.  Plus you know, John Travolta in a fat suit and drag – it’s entertaining.       

Favourite Line: ♫ You can’t stop my happiness cause i like the way I am – and you just can’t stop my knife and fork when I see a christmas ham!  So if you don’t like the way I look well, I just don’t give a damn! ♫      


10. Across the Universe – I Want to Hold Your Hand
Although all the songs are not original, and are in fact all Beatles songs, I think this movie was amazingly original.  I love how it took a different spin on the songs, but still managed to encompass the feeling of the Beatles with the imagery.  I adore this song, it is performed amazingly.  The longing and the yearning are just so evident, and I think you can really relate to the character.  I love how they used a female character (Prudence) singing about another girl, and I love how it explored homosexuality themes.  I love this song, there’s nothing more I can say about it.       

Favourite Line: ♫ Oh please, say to me you’ll let me be your man ♫      


9. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut – La Resistance
Ahhh South Park, how I love you.  This movie is really a great one, and if you don’t like South Park, you won’t like this film, I’ll tell you that much.  Some people didn’t even realize that this was a musical.  I’m sure others would put “Uncle Fucker” as their favourite, but this is mine.  It’s a medley of all the songs, and it basically starts the third act of the film.  I just really like the excitement it builds, and how many different layers there are within the song.  I find that you need to listen to it a few times to really get all the words and to hear all the jokes.        

Favourite Line: ♫ They may cut your dick in half and serve it to a pig – and though it hurts, you’ll laugh and dance a dickless jig ♫      


8. Sweeney Todd – Johanna (reprise)
I think people are beginning to understand that I have a dark side of my creativity that I’ve been “feeding” so to speak.  I adore this film.  It’s dark, it’s gritty – well, it’s very Tim Burton.  I was sceptical that Johnny Depp was going to be in it, but he does an amazing job.  His cool, hard exterior hides both the rage and the sorrow he holds inside – but when he sings, you can hear every layer of emotion.  I really love all the songs, but this is by far my favourite.  It’s a wonderful reprise of the creepy stalkerish song Johanna sung by Anthony (played by Jamie Campbell Bower), as well as some insight into Todd’s yearning to know his daughter, but at the same time saying goodbye.  It’s sad, it’s hopeful, it’s sad, and it’s beautiful.       

Favourite Line: ♫ Goodbye, Johanna – you’re gone, and yet you’re mine.  I’m fine, Johanna, I’m fine. ♫      

sorry - couldn't find a video of the actual scene from the film, here's just the song.


7. Repo the Genetic Opera – Legal Assassin
This is a musical that is not for everyone.  I showed it to Ryan, and he adored it.  I leant it to one friend who hated it, one friend who fell asleep through it, and another who is still undecided – and I was sure all four of them would love it.  It’s definitely unconventional.  I know some who don’t like it because “the songs don’t rhyme”, which frankly, is a stupid reason not to like a song/musical.  Songs don’t need to “rhyme” to be musically pleasing to your ears.  However, to each their own.  I love it, so deal with it.  I almost picked Night Surgeon as my favourite, but I picked this one because I am a huge fan of Anthony Stewart Head (Giles!).  This song really illustrates how strong of a vocalist he is – his emotional range is amazing and this song is what sold the film for me.       

Favourite Line: ♫ The nightmare that she should fear is the father you left alone! ♫     

Video quality isn't the greatest, but it's not terrible either


6. Nightmare Before Christmas – Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Another amazingly weird and dark film on my list.  This is one of those movies I watch every year at Christmas, it wouldn’t feel right without it.  Kidnap the Sandy Claws is one I always get stuck in my head.  It’s creepy and yet the tone and mood of the song is fun and bouncy.  It’s just one of those quirky weird songs that just draws my attention.  I really enjoy the Korn version too, check it out if you’re interested.       

Favourite Line: ♫ Kidnap the Sandy Claws, throw him in a box – bury him for ninety years then see if he talks  ♫    


5.Moulin Rouge – El Tango de Roxanne
Yet again, another film I know a lot of people don’t like.  Yes, it’s campy and kind of cheesy, I don’t care. It’s my list so I can put whatever I want on it so there.  I have had a huge crush on Ewan McGregor since I was about 10 years old, so it’s really not surprising I put this song up here.  I almost put “Your Song” on, but this one is just the best of the film.  The tango within this scene is just really great to watch, plus Ewan’s addition to the song is just so powerful and gorgeous, that I can’t help but love it.       

Favourite Line: ♫ His eyes upon your face, his hand upon your hand, his lips caress your skin – it’s more than I can stand! ♫     


4. Rocky horror Picture Show – The Time Warp
Does this surprise anyone?  I sure hope not, because this film is awesome.  Tim Curry in lingerie?  Sure why not.  This is the best song of the film, and probably one of the most well-known anyways, I had to put it on my list.  It just wouldn’t be complete without it.  Actually, this video won’t have Tim Curry in lingerie, sorry, but I’ll shove an image of him in here to make up for that.  You’re Welcome! 😛       

Favourite Line: ♫ But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane! ♫     


3. Once More with Feeling (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) – Walk Through the Fire
I know, this isn’t actually a film.  But the musical episode is one of my favourites and really one of the most popular Buffy episodes ever.  You can tell that so much work went into it, and it really paid off.  I love every song within this musical too, and it was hard to pick one.  This one is probably the most known, and it’s really great to have participating.  The song really builds momentum, and is a really great lead in to the climax.  And yes, I love Anthony Stewart Head so much that he’s on this list twice.  He’s so sexy.       

Favourite Line: ♫ The torch I bear is scorching me, Buffy’s laughing, I’ve no doubt – I hope she fries, I’m free if that bitch dies!  I better help her out. ♫     


2. Mary Poppins – Feed the Birds
I love Mary Poppins.  I adore this film.  It’s been one of my favourites since I was a kid.  I’ve seen it so much I don’t think I can watch it more than once every few years anymore, but I don’t need to.  This song is beautiful, and really shows just how gorgeous of a voice Julie Andrew has.  This song is so hauntingly sad, and almost feels like it doesn’t belong in the film – but it wouldn’t feel the same without it.  I also just love the message – about being generous with your money, and to help out those who are less fortunate.       

Favourite Line: ♫ Although you can’t see it, you know they are smiling each time someone shows that he cares ♫     


1.  Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog – My Eyes
Anyone who hasn’t seen this should be ashamed, because it is amazing.  It’s a musical about a struggling Super-Villain, how can it not be great?  I had a very hard time picking a favourite from this musical too, because they are all so amazing.  I almost put up Everything You Ever, but I didn’t want anyone to go listen to it and get the ending ruined.  I love the duet between Penny and Billy, the contrast of the light and the dark just really makes the song sound amazing.  Plus it is just amazingly well written.  I had this song stuck in my head for literally 2 weeks, and I still listen to it like every other day, that’s how amazing I think this song is.       

Favourite Line: ♫ Look around – we’re living with the lost and found.  Just when you feel you’ve almost drowned, you find yourself on solid ground ♫     


So there you have it, my top 15 favourite songs from musicals.  Yes, I like odd kinds of films/television shows, but when it comes to musicals, sometimes the more unique and different it is, the better.  Hopefully you enjoyed the list, and maybe it’s made you interested to see some of these musicals if you haven’t already!


21 thoughts on “Top 15 Favourite Songs from Musicals

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  6. OMG! No Hair song on there? Well you should deff check out : I Got Life, Hair, Manchester, Air, Good Morning Sunshine and Color Spade. they are the best songs from the musical Hair in my opinion :).

    • I’ve seen Hair on stage, I really didn’t like the movie to be honest with you. If I was counting broadway musicals and things I’ve seen on stage, this list would be very different – but I was only counting films. And also, my favourite song from Hair would have to be The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In). Thanks for stopping by.

    • Yeah that ones a great one 🙂 It’s really catchy! Plus its one of the best episodes from the show (well, at least I think so lol). Thanks! I hope you have a great day too!!

      • To tell you the truth I haven’t seen “Buffy” ,I’ve seen only “Angel” …it’s on my list “To watch”,but there are so many on that list :),I probably have to spent an eternity to see them all

  7. I thought I was a fan of musicals but from this list I see just how many I have ignored or didn’t want to see. Having had many opportunities in my youth to spend time with my sister I thought we covered all the basics.

    Only one musical on your list made mine and it wasn’t the same song. In no specific order, My Favorite Things (The Sound of Music), every song from The Music Man, and almost every song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I also like Oklahoma from Oklahoma.

    As always, a great post.

    • I guess its just a matter of different tastes 🙂 I dont mind chitty chitty bang bang, or music man – was never a fan of Oklahoma though. I love a lot of musicals, but I think that for me I really enjoy ones that aren’t always about having a show stopping number that lasts for 20 mintues, plus I love thigns that are strange, weird, and/or dark :).

      My favourite thigns was almost my fave for Sound of Music, but I had to go with Edelweiss. Maybe my list will influence you to watch something you may not have heard of! If not thats cool though 🙂 that’s why its my list haha.

      I am a very strange gal, I love strange things 😀 lol

    • Oh, and out of all of them – I’d really recommend you see Dr. Horrible’s sing a long blog, that is something that I think everyone will like 🙂 If you search for it on youtube you can watch it for free 🙂

  8. OK so most of those movies I LOVE! the moulin rouge one is exactly my fav. aswell (haha who could have guessed that?) and I toally agree that buffy should be on this list cause Anthony Stewart Head is fucking amazing. By the way, I do infact go around thinking on a daily basis how awesome it would be it my life were a musical.

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