Poetry Thursday #23

Good morning!  I suppose the term “good” is subjective though, it’s rather gloomy outside here in Burlington today; definitely not good walking weather.  But if it’s anything like yesterday, it’ll be dark clouds and rain for an hour, then sunshine for an hour, then more rain for an hour and well, you get the picture.  Oh well, I’ll have to make due.  I’ve been moderately busy this week (moderately being subjective as well…).  I’ve been attempting to reorganize my bedroom, mostly out of boredom.  Plus I’ve been working on some future posts for the blog, so hurray, I actually kind of have a schedule now!  Yay for organization!  I’ve also been anxiously waiting to hear if I got that job, so wish me luck (cross your fingers, or knock on wood – you know, the normal cliché stuff) because I really want it!  Anywho, I have two poems this week, so I hope you enjoy!  

Yours Truly
When it listens
I like my hair.
Though I’m different
I think I’m fair.
I am quite short,
and built like a tank.
(genetics for that
I have to thank.)
I like my voice,
but hate my toes.
I have my father’s eyes
and my mother’s nose.
I am larger, yes,
it is a fact.
I can say for sure
I have a decent rack.
I cannot be anyone
else but just “me”.
And I don’t care if you
don’t like what you see. 

Picture of me taken by my friend Saber Hodson, image link is to her blog!


I chose a path, and followed through –
leaving behind all I knew.
I said goodbye and went away,
not sure if I’d come back one day.
With the years I spent on my own
I have learned, and I have grown.
And with the choices that I’ve made,
all that’s passed began to fade.
Returning home, to this forgotten place –
unfamiliar; they do not know my face.
As I’ve changed, and grown, and became
who I am – they all have stayed the same.
And as I linger and tag along,
I know deep down I do not belong;
a wanderer – passing only by chance,
soon to leave without a second glance. 

"Wanderer" by kas666 on deviantart.com


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