Poetry Thursday #22

Just a reminder that a guest post I wrote for Tom Baker’s amazing blog Morning Erection will be going up on his site on Saturday, September 4th.  It’d be great for you to go check it out and leave some feedback.  I’d also recommend checking out Tom’s blog, there’s lots there for everyone to enjoy!  

Oh, and before I get going with my poems, I wanted to point out that in my last post I made a silly joke and posted a link; however, Ryan was telling me he didn’t notice there was a link, so incase a few others didn’t notice the link or get my silly joke, check out the short cartoon Llamas with Hats by SecretAgentBob on youtube.com.  Check it out if you’re interested.  It’s silliness, and I guess I thought I was being clever, but apparently that failed miserably.  Oh well, it doesn’t surprise me.  BY THE WAY…the underline – yeah that’s the link, plus there’s a link on the image.  Hopefully that helps Ry 😉  Teehee, just teasing my good friend!  


Only two poems this week, I’ve been working on a few other things (specifically future posts), and I just haven’t had as much time to write more poems.  Plus I’ve been sitting near my phone hoping to hear from the place I had my interview on Friday *crosses fingers*, I really hope I get it!  

Any who, I’ve rambled long enough, so now with the poems!  Let me know what you think!  

If I listen, I can almost hear
that distinctive whisper in my ear.
Who they are, that is unclear,
And I do not know if they are sincere.  

The apparitions come and leave
just enough to make me believe.
Perhaps they want someone to grieve,
or maybe they are here to deceive.  

They come to visit before I sleep,
when my dreams are almost deep –
but awake enough I can sense them creep;
If I listen I can hear them weep.  

"Apparition" by Agent-Angel on deviantart.com


Lost in Mind’s Phantasm
There was a time – a very long, long time ago
when I would spend my day within a dream,
losing myself – forgetting all of my woes.  

But time ticks on, and with it a changing theme.
No longer is my mind content from day to night;
What my mind creates now ends with screams.  

The visions from within: only despair and fright.
Begging, pleading – to see the light of day,
I feel helpless from my internal plight.  

I cannot fix my mind’s anguished disarray –
and I keep on falling into the darkness below;
sinking deeper until all that’s me has gone away.  

How long have I been lost, I do not know;
I had fallen a very long, long time ago.  

"Living Nightmare" by timberwolf0316 on deviantart.com


5 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #22

  1. it’s much different than the poetry I write ..and I guess it depends on what’s in one’s head and the style …but I like it ,good luck with future writings …maybe you could have a look at my poetry and have your opinion as one that is in into poetry 🙂 Have a good day!

  2. Too scary for me. What was going on inside your head when you wrote those I wonder. I liked the first poem a lot and the photo is perfect. You always choose well with the photos.

    Having already read your post for Saturday I could not fathom where your head was when you wrote Lost in Mind’s Phantasm. Not that everything in life is connected but I just couldn’t figure that one out. Maybe I failed or maybe I’m trying to hard to interpret it.

    Don’t explain it to me just yet. I want it to stew in my head awhile first. I watched the llamas the other day. The link worked for me. It is silliness! That’s for sure! Have a great evening Cherlyn!

    Oh by the way I think I remember what my request was. I was thinking about a collaboration. Is there some way that you and I could write a post together. Not sure how it would work, but I would like to try if you and I can figure out the logistics. Just a thought…

    • I won’t explain the poems until you ask 🙂 There really isnt much to explain but if you’re interested feel free to ask once you’ve let it stew.

      A collab post would be interesting – it may difficult but not impossible. It would depend upon the nature of the post itself, did you have any ideas? If I havent heard from in a few days to see what you had in mind 🙂

  3. thanks for making the link clear…and you were being clever because i got the joke because i has seen the llamas with hats, so the cleverness worked, i was just being slow when I read the blog, lol.

    the poems are very haunting and dark, and I really love the mood the words inspire in my head. i start to feel like i exist within the world of the poem.

    • 😛 you sooo did not get that joke, because I had to explain it to you last night. I think my joke was an epic fail though, so it’s not your fault :).

      I’m glad you enjoyed my poems, and that they are envoking an emotional response – that’s my goal afterall!

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