Poetry Thursday #19

Two new poems this week, huzzah!  I somehow found the time and motivation to get out off my ass and write something.  These past few weeks I have been extremely lazy, I’m thinking I should probably go find a job soon or else my couch will have a permanent perfect ass groove that only I can fill.  Anyways, hope you enjoy!     

By the way, the last poem I wrote for my friend Ryan; lets just say we both go to Second Cup on a regular basis for the same reason.  Enjoy!    

So Long, Farewell
A mistake I cannot fix,
now I sit and wait for death.
Time itself is slowing,
more moments between each breath.    

Each gasp is harder to take,
and I find I’m barely coping.
As life begins to fade I wonder
what’s the point in hoping.    

The light begins to fade,
and darkness fills my eyes.
I stutter helplessly,
trying to say my goodbyes.    

"My Last Breath" by IwaKinga on deviantart.com


Simply Delicious
I come here for that thing I need –
So very tall, and quite robust;
The sight of it fills me with lust.
A delicious specimen indeed.    

I come here for that thing I adore:
Coffee, served by a man so fine –
whom are just both simply divine;
I find that I come for either or.    

"Second Cup" by Dependency on deviantart.com


11 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #19

  1. 🙂 Needn’t to say I like the second. I had a huge smile on the face reading the comments from anonymous and yours “Who are you, and where have you been all my life” funny you are!

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  3. I thought Anonymous was the coffee guy too until I saw Ryan has the same gravatar image.

    I see what you mean about growing more macabre in the first poem.

    I’m sending you an email soon. It might wind up in your junk box. I have a request…

    • Hahah I was going to say “Who are you, and where have you been all my life” – then I saw the “dedicated to me” and a small part of me hoped you were the coffee guy XD lol I’m such a loser.

      Thanks Ryan, loves you!

  4. What a moving first poem, so wonderful…and obviously I love the second one because
    1. its about coffee (and those who serve it 😉
    2. Its dedicated to me, aw you are so sweet ❤

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