Poetry Thursday #17

You’d think once school was over that I wouldn’t have to worry about studying ever again.  Well that’s what I thought anyways, but apparently I was wrong.  I have a huge test to study for – and if I don’t pass this test basically I can’t work.  So yay, I’m not stressed, not one bit.  [Insert nervous insane laughter here]. 

So besides that, I’ve only written one poem this week, so hope you like it!  Let me know! 

I Cannot Follow
As you lay upon the ground
helpless; wide-eyed and scared,
I cannot help but cry –
as we lose the life we shared.
In one swift moment of our life
you can hear the Reaper’s song;
the chilling, eerie final call
that’s begging you to tag along.
My love for you is not enough
to save you from untimely death.
I shall wait, and hold you close
as you take your final breath. 

"Wake Up Honey" by AlchemyOtaku17


4 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #17

  1. Oh, Cherlyn, you should share this one with more people, let me posted for you to Jingle poetry. You have so many amazing pieces, let the world get to know you! It’s a shame such a talent to be left only with one-two comments here! Let me know what you think about!

    • I really like this poem alot actually, I’m sad that not as many people read it too. Hopefully my newest post will allow people to see it 🙂 I should share it with Jingle, one day!

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