Poetry Thursday #16

I only got around to writing one poem this week; I found that I’ve been spending a lot of time seeing my friends and cleaning/organizing my junk.  The poem I wrote actually was inspired by one of my cleaning sessions.  Any ways, let me know what you think (please?).  Enjoy!   

You’re Nothing to Me
All that’s left of you and me –
a photograph from long before;
hidden deep in dusty drawers
that hold onto our last memory.   

The decision: mine – to leave
this person who was once a friend.
Years it has been since the end,
and yet for her I cannot grieve.   

Like the smiles (both real and fake),
the photograph begins to fade.
I question if I should have stayed –
alas, I know there was no mistake.   

This memory I begin to tear –
destroying something I do not feel;
her pain (it’s clear) still is real –
but inside me, pain was never there.   

"I Don't Miss You At All" by Thailinh on deviantart.com


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