Poetry Thursday #15

Happy Canada Day!!!  Last night my family anda f ew friends had a premature “detonation” of fireworks, in celebration of Canada Day – and I’m still feeling the after effects of the alcohol.  Well, that’s the price you pay for being stupid and having fun I suppose.  

I have two poems today – one is a repost from Facebook.  I probably had the time to write two new poems this week, but with all the unpacking and settling in, I kind of didn’t think of it (and probably wouldn’t have felt like it if I did).  So there you have it – enjoy!  Feel free to comment with any thoughts, opinions, or any constructive criticisms; I’m always open for suggestions and always want to improve my work!  

Why do I have to repent
for every mistake I’ve made?
While all around me the guilty
hide behind their innocent masquerade?  

Why do I pay the price for
speaking whats on my mind?
I must not be like the rest,
I must be grateful, I must be kind.  

Why do they treat me like nothing,
and then feel no remorse?
I let them push me down; leading
me down this destructive course.  

And why do I keep returning,
gratefully accepting their pain?
Smiling while I die inside;
silent my hurt remains.  

I cannot force myself to leave;
to be alone, to say goodbye.
I bring this all on myself,
but I have no idea why.  

"Why?" by WhiteSpeed on deviantart.com



Time, it passes through our hands –
desperately trying to grasp the sands.
The ticking tocking rhythm beat
quickens and quickens as it repeats.  

Once before, I saw time stand
still – But in need I cannot command
time to stop. I race my life – compete –
To win against time; to surpass defeat.  


"it's time to..." by Fall-Out-M on deviantart.com


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