Poetry Thursday #14

I didn’t post last week for three reasons: 1)I forgot, 2)I hadn’t written any poems, and 3)I had a night out with the ladies and couldn’t be bothered.  For anyone who reads, this I’m very sorry – and for anyone who doesn’t read this, why aren’t you reading my blog?  However, I don’t know how you’ll get that message unless you read this blog, so that puts me in a weird pickle. 

Anyways, two poems this week, enjoy! 

A Mistake Not Forgotten
One simple moment of regret –
a moment never to forget.
When the fated words left my lips,
your grasp fell beyond my fingertips. 

The pain within eyes of ocean blue
begged me to say it was not true.
And though my heart began to break
I followed through with my mistake. 

Holding the sorrow within my core
I told you I was never yours.
Farewell I said and with a kiss
I left behind what I knew was bliss. 

"Leaving" by IMustBeDead on deviantart.com


His Mother’s Legacy
He sat and watched her from a distance –
her beautiful locks of ginger flowing;
unaware of her watcher’s existence,
and his dark obsession growing.
The man followed her day and night,
as she lived blissfully unaware.
Hiding cautiously out of sight –
never seen, but always there.
One night, while for the bus she waited
he approached the girl of his dreams –
“I’ve been looking for you” he stated,
and soon he was muffling her screams.
Gerard – his name, took her below
to the basement – his mother’s resting place
(whom he killed long ago);
and with this girl he shall replace
his mother.  Use her for his pain;
inflicting her with grief –
as much as she can sustain,
until death is her relief.
With her passing he will find another,
just as beautiful, just as fair –
to become his dead mother,
and to fill her with despair.
Memories of childhood haunt his mind;
from the pain Gerard will never be free.
And every women shall remind
him of his mother – who caused him agony. 

"In the Basement" by Nia777 on deviantart.com


9 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #14

  1. I’m gonna go and check now a Day with Gerard to see what is it about, but the poem based on it it’s great, the image for it … wonderful connected to it!

    • Well I hope you enjoy it, it’s kind of a different type of story. Though nwo that you’ve read the poem you probably won’t be surprised at the ending. Oh wells! I’d like to hear what you think!

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  4. I approve of the titles lol, they are amazing, and both poems I think are my favorites to date!!!! The second one makes me remember how wonderful that short story was, and I love it as a poem because it somehow becomes more creepy and disturbing when it is in verse, and I love the first poem as well, it is just so sad and heart wrenching.

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