Poetry Thursday #13

Done my placement as of tomorrow – so I should definitely start having more time to write more.  Yay!  Anyways, wanted to post these before I forgot and went to bed.  Hope you enjoy them! 

A Short Goodbye
The journey’s end is drawing near –
soon I shall have my rest.
My heart will stop beneath my breast
and this person here shall disappear. 

I am gone – do not follow.
Wipe the sorrow from your face;
let go of my cold embrace.
Things will feel better tomorrow. 

"Goodbye" by clickeditsmile on deviantart.com


Autumn’s Lament
Leaves change from green to brown,
slowly falling further down
until their resting place is found –
decomposing on the ground. 

As a chill reaches the winter air –
forgetting that the dead are there
snow covers their resting place,
until winter finds itself replaced. 

Spring prances with unbridled glee –
giving life back to the trees;
the young forget their fallen friends
until the spring comes to an end. 

Summer shows the leaves all grown –
the buds have fallen; the birds have flown.
Heat fades and leaves begin to fear –
as autumn draws ever near. 

Summer ends and turns to fall –
the living hear the Reaper’s call.
The leaves cannot escape their fate,
for their silent, slow demise they wait. 

"On Steps of Autumn" by inDeevid on deviantart.com


3 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #13

  1. The leaves cannot escape their fate,
    for their silent, slow demise they wait…

    this part of the year always makes me really sad, it’s the first sign of winter coming. How great you’ve described it! Pictures are great!

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