Poetry Thursday #12

Note: Whoops – was pretty tired last night, thought I had posted this when I in fact merely just saved it.  Kind of stupid I know, oh well. 

I’m hoping when I’m done my placement I’ll be able to update more frequently – with other posts rather just Poetry Thursdays.  Most of the time I come home, catch up on some internet videos, maybe eat dinner, then crash for the night.  I am not a fan of 5:30am mornings – I think I may have to invest in a bucket for my morning coffee.  

Anyways, just a few poems this week, hope you enjoy! 

Bring me chaos,
bring me fire.
Wake my needs,
feed my desire.

Make me angry –
make me cry;
Ignite my passion –
let me fly!

Make me feel
things unknown –
make me beg
and make me groan. 

This fire and passion –
I wish was real;
I yearn for one
to make me feel. 

"Desire" by Oshrit182 on deviantart.com


Long before I saw your face,
I dreamt of eyes of amber shades.
And once that dream began to fade,
you begun to take its place. 

I knew your voice before I heard
the sweet gentle whisper in my ear.
The sound was there, but not quite clear –
yet the deepest emotions in me stirred. 

Waiting for that eternal love to start –
waiting for the perfect one to find.
And though your memory escaped my mind,
you were always deep inside my heart; 

Time moved on, I did not feel
love for those who came before.
As time moved on I dreamt no more,
And slowly you’ve become more real. 

And still I wait to hear your voice
and to hold your hand in my own –
and when I find the one I’ve always known
then I shall have made the perfect choice. 

"Searching But Not Seeing" by Lyndzie on deviantart.com


One thought on “Poetry Thursday #12

  1. They are both great, I especially love love love the second one, because I dunno it has this very optimistic, youll find the one feel to it, and it has this history of feelings to it (sorry if this makes no sense, its what I do, lol).

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