Poetry Thursday #10

I cannot believe how busy I have been – I wake up at 530 am for placement, get home around 430pm, and then am just so tired I don’t feel like doing much.  I did however manage to write a poem this week, it’s not the best I’ve written, but at least I’m trying.  I didn’t want to miss another Poetry Thursday, so enjoy! 

The Starbucks at Richmond and Dundas
The busy streets of downtown
speak more tales than I could tell.
The further that you travel down,
you plainly see the stories of those who fell. 

Beggars plead for some spare change
while the yuppies drink their expensive brew.
And while those poor souls may seem strange,
they are more real than me and you. 

And I too am a culprit to this crime
as I pass and ignore those in need.
I give no pity, no pennies or dimes –
i tune out their sorrowful pleads. 

Excuses, excuses to this greed,
and I muffle the jingle in my purse;
I walk away and give no good deed –
the souls of the rich are far off worse. 

"Change" by adiago on deviantart.com


One thought on “Poetry Thursday #10

  1. I love the title…I have a weird obsession with titles to things, and I just love this one, it is so fantastic and so on the mark.

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