Poetry Thursday #9

Another poetry Thursday, hurray!  I only have one this week, because I’ve been a very good girl who finished her classes with excellent marks, and to celebrate I wrote two chapters for my story!  Hurray!  So a lot of my creative concentration went to that this week rather than poems.  Oh wells – still got a new one though for you (well, to anyone who actually reads this haha).  Enjoy! 

Far too long I’ve waited
for something special to be created –
instead I find that those I’ve dated
cannot make me feel elated. 

And though I’ve tried to smile
and wait for one that is worthwhile,
the ones that find me are just vile –
so I continue this lonely trial. 

When the day turns to night
I dream of one that is polite,
who knows the wrongs from the rights –
and allows my passion to ignite. 

And when I wake I am alone
laying in bed that is all my own,
and I find I cannot stifle a groan –
another day waiting for the one unknown. 

"Waiting for Him" by vallanthe on deviantart.com


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