Poetry Thursday #8

Later post than I wanted.  School has been freaking busy the past few weeks – at least now all my exams and assignments are done.  Starting my placement in a few weeks and I’m very excited (and super nervous, but it’s the good kind of nervous).  Hopefully I won’t be too busy to write whilst doing my placement, and hopefully I’ll be able to start working on my story again *crosses fingers*.  So just two poems this week, hopefully they’re decent!!  

Lying in bed – wide awake,
sleep tonight I cannot fake.
My strength already begins to break.  

Time seems to have stopped tonight,
impatiently I wait for a glimpse of light –
sleep calls to me but is out of sight.  

I wait for dreams to appear,
so far away and yet so near…
exhausted – yet I’ll persevere.  

My mind ignores my sleep request,
my body aches as it protests –
alas, I still await some rest.  

"Tired" by billysphoto on deviantart.com



Cannot Fly
Life keeps passing by
as though I disappeared.
Sadness I cannot deny –
alone – no family or peers.
I thought once that I could fly
far, far away from here,
and I would be the one to say goodbye –
instead I am the one in tears.
Life moved on and I don’t know why
they have gone and I’m still here.
I guess I will never see the sky –
I am grounded for the rest of my years.  

"I Can't Fly Anymore" by notursweetie on deviantart.com


7 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #8

  1. I love the rhymes with the first poem, the second is the poem attached to Tom’s Most beautiful girl …. and I simply adore it!

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  3. Can a guy say beautiful? These are great works. I thought I liked the first one until I read Cannot Fly. I like Rest because I don’t get the sleep I need (sometimes only 5-6 hours) but then reading Cannot Fly made me think of all the people in the world who are worse off than I. It made me reflect on my good fortune.

    • Thank you very much! I’m very flattered that you think they’re beautiful!

      I wrote rest during one of my bouts of insomnia, which was normal for me during college (and sometime high school). Sometimes people forget how very important sleep is to our well-being, and nothing starts my day off better than having a good nights sleep!

      It’s funny that you said that about Cannot Fly – I wrote taht when I was downtown (like I so often was in College). I was drinking a coffee, feeling kind of blue for no reason in particular, and was just enjoying watching the hustle and bustle of the street. I kept seeing homeless people, or pregnant teens/teen moms, or people who had an obvious dependency on drugs. I thought the same thing you did; life can feel a bit depressing from time to time, but I’m fortunate, and my life is for the most part great. So yeah, that’s where my inspiration came from for that poem 🙂

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