Poetry Thursday #6

Update: I’ve been so fucking tired and busy, that I didn’t even realize that this didn’t actually post until today.  I had it done, and it was supposed to be posted yesterday morning around 10ish, but I guess my stupid internet didn’t want to post it.  Stupid internet.  Anyways that it’s not technically a Poetry Thursday – but it sort of technically is?  I don’t know. 

Only one poem this week, I’ve just been really busy.  My body is so exhausted, and I just can’t wait to get a few moments of rest.  I suppose that’s where my inspiration came from.  Anyways, enjoy. 

My eyes are shut, yet I cannot sleep.
So tired, feeling that I could weep.
Nothing works, counting endless sheep –
cannot rest – no slumber that is deep. 

I lay in bed, always awake.
Exhausted, so my body aches.
Never a moment of sleep to take
as life moves forward; I get no break. 

Rest I cannot find, though I try –
alas, sleep my body denies.
I am slipping – falling – and I cry –
Begging, yearning – but I don’t know why. 

I can’t remember what it was like before –
to wander my dreams and explore,
to see and feel the things that I adore.
Until I sleep, I shall see them no more. 

"Insomnia" by jennyteraski on deviantart.com


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