Poetry Thursday #5

I’m still disappointed in myself that I didn’t write any poems last week.  I guess life doesn’t always make room for the stuff we want to do.  Oh well, I got a lot of other shit done, so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.  At least school is almost over, and I’ll be able to start my life (finally).  Anyways, just two new poems this week.  I was hoping to write more, but I haven’t been feeling too creative the past few days.  It’s probably the rainy weather.  Damn spring – fuck you.  Anywho, enjoy. 

Truth Beneath My Skin
The face I wear is but a mask,
a shield for what lurks below.
This person here – the one you see –
familiar yes, but you do not know. 

I act one way and think another,
hiding what I feel within.
With ease I smile, all the while
a monster hides beneath my skin. 

I have you in my grasp, and
you – oblivious to the threat.
Remembering all you’ve done –
hurting me you shall soon regret. 

Your wounds have all but healed;
mine, however, continue to bleed.
My revenge has festered, grown and still
it waits – until the monster is freed. 

"Shh" by Zaratops on deviantart.com


I’m Still Waiting
You promised me
we’d be together forever.
Backstabbing, lying,
cheating – never! 

You promised me
you’d love me like no other
(all the while you
were seeing another). 

You vowed to never
break my heart,
that you couldn’t
stand to be apart. 

You swore that if
I said goodbye –
life was not worth living,
that you’d die. 

I said farewell,
alone I went ahead.
Years have passed –
and you’re still not dead. 

I’m still waiting.
Promises are promises. 

"Broken Promises" by Tangerine-Tickle on deviantart.com


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