Poetry Thursday #4

I have one new poem this week, and one older poem from back in the high school days.  The new poem I wrote while I was downtown running some errands.  It kind of just came to me while I was enjoying a coffee at Starbucks.  Maybe it was the pretension of the coffee, or the atmosphere, I’m not sure, but I was just in a poetry mood this morning.  And I don’t care if Starbucks is pretentious – to quote Monica from Friends “a little pretension never hurt anyone”.  And damn they make a good latte. 

So enjoy, and comment if you have any feedback/suggestions – they’re much appreciated! 

Alas from my birth I have been
alone – Mature at seventeen –
I know the truth – Life is cold
and empty –  Will I die old
and alone? – My hair turns grey –
Skin wrinkles – Will I die today? –
Life’s gone by – nothing to show –
I will meet my maker below
and bow – nothing more to give
my Lord – My mistakes I relive
with every blink – the pain remains
clear – lost hope courses through my veins –
The sky turns red as death draws near –
Slowly I relive my fear –
Lost hope of love – Lost hope of life –
As time went by I’m no man’s wife –
No legacy beyond my time –
No prayers to those who are sublime –
The sun rises – it lights the room –
Alone today – my immortal tomb. 

"Crawling Out" by kladiakrueger on deviantart.com


I Am
I am here but am not there.
I am here but I don’t know where.
I see myself but I am blind –
who I am I cannot find. 

I walk alone down the street,
passing through those I meet.
I am silent as I speak –
I seem strong though I’m weak. 

One step forward, one step back,
wasting time.  I have lost track –
I have not wound my internal clock;
I lost the ticks and lost the tocks. 

I have shut down, lost all power.
I am lost in this endless hour.
What I am I do not know,
I was lost some time ago. 

I shall live just like the rest –
apathetic and unimpressed.
For I am here but am not there.
I am here but I don’t know where 

"Lost" by Raun on deviantart.com




5 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #4

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  2. Sometimes the way we write and talk about things is the way our soul is like …pain is coming from your writing,covered in nice words,but still pain you feel about something …I don’t know you and I have no idea what is confusing you and keeping you in the dark rather than being somewhere nice and thinking somewhat with hope,but you should know we all feel lost at times and you don’t need to go through it alone …I felt many times lost and I didn’t have anyone to talk to ..so if you ever feel this way you can always come to me ..I am a good listener 🙂 I’d love to see you write about something nice …I’m sure it will come out very good in your words!

    • Thank you very much for the offer 🙂 If the need arises I just may use that offer. Those poems are fairly old – especially Tomb. I wrote that back when I had a lot of stuff going on. There are a few happier poems scattered throughout my blog (although they aren’t as many as some of my darker ones I’m afraid). I find that when I write a poem that calls upon a sadder or unhappier memory, it gives me a sort of peaceful feeling, and it really helps me with any repressed emotions. Or sometimes I’m in a great mood and that is just what comes out lol. Thank you again for your kind post!

      • I chose randomly this post 🙂 I guess I got on a sad one … anyway …here is little greeting from my side -it’s the song of my day today 🙂

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