Top 10 Unconventional Date/Romance Movies

With the dreaded Valentines day approaching, I thought it might be a good idea to do another “Top Ten” list.  It’s most probable that come Valentines day, I’ll be in a shitty enough mood to write a rant about why I hate that day so much.  I just wanted to prove beforehand that I a)do not “hate” love, b)do believe in love, and c)still enjoy romantic movies.  Now I had a hard time making a list of my favourite 10 romantic movies, so I’m doing something a little bit different.

I think one of my problems in love is that I haven’t found a guy with similar enough interests (that notices me that is…*sigh* damn you unrequited love).  And I think if I can find a guy that can understand why I put the following 10 movies as romantic movies, then I’ll be set.  So I present to you – my Top 10 favourite unconventional romantic movies.

10. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I really do love this movie.  The reason it is so low on the list is because it is a bit more forward with the romantic bits.  I put it as an unconventional romance though, because as he gets younger, she gets older, and the thought that she would take care of him as he becomes a child is really kind of sweet and messed up.  She loves him that much, and it’s really a nice story, but it’s not something you see everyday in film.

9. Natural Born Killers

Well this movie has made another list – so I’m not gonna lie, I fucking love this movie.  It’s dark, it’s violent, it’s one big mindfuck.  It’s also a romance movie.  It follows Mallory and Mickey as they meet, fall in love, and how despite being completely fucked up and with all the obstacles ahead of them, they still love each other.  It’s nice in a very not so nice kind of way.

8. The Matrix

A great movie for a girl to watch with a guy.  It’s full of action, it’s sci-fi, and it’s fucking cool (and now a “classic”).  I really love the idea that Trinity saves Neo from death by telling her that she loves him.  And it’s in that one moment that makes me label this movie a love romance movie.

7. Sleepy Hollow

I really enjoy this Tim Burton movie.  Johnny Depp is amazing in it, and I thought it was told really well.  I love how the dark themes of the movie is underlaid with the subtle romance between Ichabod and Katrina.  It’s not all up in your face about it, but it’s still there, and thats the kind of romance I like.

6. Sin City

I know this one may seem a bit odd to some people but if you think about the movie, almost all of the stories are about love.  There’s Marv trying to find out what happened to Goldie, then there’s the story about Shellie and Dwight, as well Shellie and her ex Jackie Boy.  Don’t forget Dwight and Gail’s romance, and the weirdest but sweetest of all is Hartigan and Nancy, which goes from a fatherly/daughterly kind of love, to something more in the later half of the story.  Thankfully they aren’t actually father and daughter.

5. War of the Roses

A very dark comedy, with the awesome pair Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas.  I consider this a romance film, albeit a dark one.  As their marriage falls apart and as they fight over their material possessions through their divorce, it just shows you how love can turn so bitter and vicious, and that there are so many more degrees of love than what hollywood classically shows us.

4. Shaun of the Dead

A great dark comedy about zombies and trying to survive.  Throughout the whole movie though, it shows Shaun trying to reconnect with his girlfriend Liz, and not wanting to let go of his best friend Ed.  It’s a strange sort of love story, about how sometimes your love life and your social life don’t always mesh.  And trying to decide what’s more important, your significant other or your best friends.  Plus it’s got zombies.

3. Interview with the Vampire

Now these are vampires.  Albeit still a bit fruity, but they at least a)go out at night, b)drink HUMAN blood and c)don’t FUCKING SPARKLE.  Besides that, this movie has a romantic subtle theme that is hard to miss at certain points.  In the books it is more evident, but in the film you can see a strange love-like relationship between Lestat and Louis.  And the long that Armand and Louis share for each other.  As well as the more obvious strange love between Louis and Claudia.  Louis gets around doesn’t he?  I just really enjoy this film, and the romantic idea of it is that it doesn’t matter what sex you are, or what age you are, or what species you are, love happens – and that love is beautiful, lustful, dangerous, and dark all wrapped up in curiosity.  Plus you don’t have two idiots that stare at each other for 5 minutes straight awkwardly.  God I hate you Twilight.

2. Edward Scissorhands

The love story in this film is a lot more evident than in some of the films I’ve listed.  But it’s fucking Edward Scissorhands!  You got a man-made guy with scissors for hands that falls in love with Winona Ryder, while trying to fit in with the backstabbing suburban neighbourhood.  It’s a modern beauty and the beast with a lot of strange twists.  This movie is unconventional and conventional all at the same time, and it’s hard to classify it as one or the other.

1. Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2

Both volumes of Kill Bill are really meant to be one film, they’re just split up – so I’m going to count them both as one.  In North America this movie is seen as a film about revenge, and action.  But in other areas of the world, it was marketed as a love story!  And really – it is a love story.  It’s a love story between the Bride and Bill; it’s full of betrayal and heartbreak.  And it’s in the second volume that you really see how the story really revolves around the Bride hurting Bill, and thats how she got to where she is.  It’s a really sweet kind of story, hidden by a lot of action, assassin’s and violence.  It’s great for everyone!

Now – like I said there are a lot of romance movies that I love.  I probably won’t do a top 10 list of those because they’re just too hard to rate.  But my favourite (more conventional) romance films are: Casablanca, the Lake House, Moulin Rouge, Princess Bride and Love, Actually.

I know some people probably won’t agree with my choices, if you think something is better, leave a comment cause I might have just forgotten about a movie (or I haven’t actually seen it).  Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Unconventional Date/Romance Movies

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  3. I like your list and found it pretty interesting cause I never thought of some of those movies that way before. I also wanted to say that your favourite conventional romance films are mine too:) we’re like this! *does arm flaily thing*

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